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These past week I’ve been looking at my TBR in all kinds of different ways… Expect for the way where you’re actually reading the books ;). I did highest rating, lowest rating, most ratings and today it’s time for the least amount of ratings. Looking at the list I saw a couple of Dutch books and I made the executive decision to leave those out. So let’s take a look at the rest!

Crown of Conspiracy – Kara S. Weaver
56 ratings

I was so sad to see this one here! It’s written by a friend of mine so I would love for her to get more ratings. And yes I need to get on that myself haha. She’s an indie writer so it makes sense that she hasn’t got that many ratings but she deserves more!

Judged – Liz de Jager
75 ratings

I really enjoyed the first 2 books in this series and I have been planning on reading number 3 ever since. Looks like not a lot of people know about this series though. I feel like it could’ve been a popular YA series a couple of years ago.

Everyday Angel: Three Novels – V.E. Schwab
188 ratings

I didn’t know V.E. Schwab had written this until a year or so ago! Of course I had to get it right away haha. I guess not a lot of people know about this either. This is one of her earlier books and I feel like it might have a bit of a different vibe than her current books but I want to try it anyway.

Level Grind – Annie Bellet
244 ratings

Candyce and I met Annie Bellet and she was lovely! I started the first story in this bind-up and I should really get back on it. It was enjoyable and I really like the premise. Another one that deserves a lot more attention.

Game of Thrones Psychology: The Mind is Dark and Full of Terrors – Travis Langley
259 ratings

I was debating whether I would add this non-fiction (and the other one coming up) as I feel like this just gets less ratings in general. But it was on there so I went for it anyway haha. This is one I can’t read in one sitting but I do enjoy reading chapters of it. At some point I will finish it haha.

Can You Solve My Problems? – Alex Bellos
301 ratings

I need to read parts of this more often! Puzzles are some of my favorite things and this says it has satisfying puzzles. What more can you ask for?

The Secret Deep – Lindsay Galvin
435 ratings

To be honest, I might just unhaul this one. Part of the reason I bought this was that it was a  signed copy…. I did like the sound of the story but I’m not interested in it anymore.

The Wrong Train – Jeremy de Quidt

I started this but it didn’t really grab me. Might give it one more try and unhaul it otherwise. I have to be a bit more honest with myself and realise I’m not going to read a lot of these books.

Thief’s Cunning – Sarah Ahiers
795 ratings

I really enjoyed the first book but I got this without looking at the synopsis. It seems like it’s more of the same story and I just didn’t feel like reading that right away again. The first book wasn’t super popular so you know this one would get even less ratings.

A Girl Called Shameless – Laura Steven
804 ratings

Honestly, it breaks my heart seeing this one here. For one, I should’ve read it already. But also because Laura is an amazing writer and I can’t stop recommending her books. Not nearly enough people pick up her work and it’s such a shame.

These are the 10 books with the least amount of ratings on my TBR. I did leave off five or six Dutch books (and ones that were translated from German) as that didn’t seem fair. Have you read any of these? Should I pick them up soon? Should I do a try a chapter? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. It really is! So sad to realise not that many people have read certain books.

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