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SJ Sylvis is an author who has written quite a few books I’ve enjoyed and today her newest book, Dead Girls Never Talk, releases. This book takes us back into the St. Mary’s boarding school with a dark romance. It is advised to read Good Girls Never Rise and Bad Boys Never Fall to get the complete story, but it can be read as a standalone. Also, this book is pretty dark, so definitely look up triggers if needed.

Keep on reading to find out more about this book and my thoughts. A big thanks to the author for providing me with an e-arc to read and review.

AMAZON Top 50 Bestselling Author, SJ Sylvis, brings an addictive interconnected standalone boarding school romance set in a deliciously dark world packed with angst and off-the-charts chemistry.


Loving her was like breathing air—it was hard to live without.

Journey Smith was quiet and guarded, and above all else…beautiful. When we were alone, I grew to know the girl behind the stormy eyes. Her hesitant touches and hidden smiles were reserved for me, but now they’re gone. Stolen moments of happiness were replaced with sharp barbs and fiery glares concealing her fear.

Our past was written in the stone of St. Mary’s—a past that I was not willing to repeat. But what I assumed to be the truth was nothing more than a fabrication of such.

Journey was back, but she was no longer mine.


They say time heals all wounds—unless, of course, your heart was broken by someone like Cade.

Cade Walker was elusive, part of the Rebels who ruled the halls of St. Mary’s. However, I got his playboy smile and deep dimples. When we were alone, he said all the right things–until his betrayal.

Now that I was back, we no longer stood on even ground. With every fleeting glance he gave me, my hammering heart tried to obscure my fear. Cornered in the darkened halls of St. Mary’s Boarding School, Cade demanded to know the truth.

A truth I wasn’t willing to give.

Dead Girls Never Talk is a complete standalone in the St. Mary’s Series and ends with an HEA. This book deals with subjects that some may find triggering.


After loving Good Girls Never Rise and Bad Boys Never Fall I was really looking forward to Journey and Cade’s story. Once again I was sucked in right away. Part of me wanted to take my time reading this book, but I got so invested in the story that I just couldn’t stop.

Journey’s story really broke my heart. Never really feeling loved or wanted couldn’t have been easy and definitely doesn’t make it easy to trust. After events at the psychiatric ward that hits her even harder. She’s determined to find out what happened and keep herself protected. I loved how strong and powerful Journey was even when she was clearly very scared. Her development in this story was amazing.

Then there’s Cade. He’s a bad boy and knows it. The way his father raised him didn’t help and now that’s turned his back to his father things haven’t gotten any easier. Even though he’s tough on the outside he definitely feels and thinks about more things then he lets on. I love how protective he is of Journey.

Of course I have to talk about Journey and Cade’s relationship. You could feel the tension jumping off the page. And wow, does this book get steamy!! SJ Sylvis really knows how to write the steamy scenes. Besides that I did really love them together. I really feel like they fit together and just needed each other in different ways.

I also can’t forget the mystery side of this story. What happened to Journey and who did it? There are so many secrets and twists that kept me on my toes. I loved the combination of suspense and romance. I felt they were really balanced. All in all, Dead Girls Never Talk was an amazing book and I’m actually sad I’m all done reading this book.

Once again SJ Sylvis did not disappoint. I’ll be anxiously awaiting her next books. Are you a fan of dark romances? What have been some of your favorites lately? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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