Down the TBR Hole #76

It’s been two weeks since my last TBR Hole and I have a feeling I’ve only added new books to my want to read shelf instead of taking them off, haha. Once again, I only prove to myself why I need to keep doing these posts.

Down the TBR Hole was originally created over at Lost in a Story. It looked like a fun and productive way to finally make a dent in that Goodreads TBR. I went through my want-to-read shelf a little while ago but I think I was still to kind on a lot of books. Let’s see what I’ll make of it this time around. I decided to go with 10 books at a time so lets get started!

It works like this:

  • Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 or 15 or 20, if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?
  • Keep track of where you left off so you can pick up there next week!

Current “to-read” shelf: 924 (my last post ended at 911. So in 2 weeks I added 13 books. Oops! That’s definitely more than it has been the last few times.)

Lore – Alexandra Bracken

I’m a fan of books with Greek mythology or any mythology really. Lore is one that sounds like it fits that prompt. This book was everywhere when it released and I’ve heard some mixed reviews. I do think I still want to give this one a go.


To Love and to Loathe – Martha Waters

So I’ve been really interested in historical romances lately and The Regency Vows series is one that caught my attention. To Love and to Loathe sounds like one I’ll enjoy. I haven’t read the first book yet though and that’s also on my want to read shelf, so until I read that one I’ll be taking this one off my shelf.


Malibu Rising – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Mailbu Rising is another amazing Taylor Jenkins Reid book! I read this one soon after it released, but apparently it was a different edition than the one on my want to read shelf. So I definitely recommend this one, but it doesn’t have to stay on this shelf.


Hands Down – Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata is known to many readers as the slow burn Queen. I mean I’ve heard some character don’t even kiss until at 97% of the book. She’s an author I’ve been really curious about and Hands Down sounds like a book right up my alley.


Dear Aaron – Mariana Zapata

So I just had a book by this author right before this one, but seeing how they’re standalones I don’t have to remove them if I haven’t read the previous book yet. Again, this book sounds right up my alley and I have a feeling Dear Aaron is going to be an emotional read. I’m a big fan of books with e-mails or letters, so I’m excited to pick this one up.


A Universe of Wishes: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology – Edited by Dhonielle Clayton

If I’m really honest an anthology tends to be a hit or miss for me. Short stories have to be really amazing for me to love them. And when I do I often wish that it was a full book. I only tend to really love them when they’re a part of a series I’m currently reading. So even though there are quite a few authors I love in this anthology I think I’ll be removing this one for now. I don’t own it yet.


Rise to the Sun – Leah Johnson

I loved You Should See Me in a Crown by this author, so I was really excited about Rise to the Sun. I’m actually surprised I haven’t read this one yet. Rise to the Sun takes place at a music festival and really sounds like the perfect summer read.


Girl from Nowhere – Tiffany Rosenhan

Girl from Nowhere doesn’t sound like the typical book I normally read, but I’m very intrigued. The synopsis doesn’t give much away, but it still says enough to have me wanting to read this book.


Last Chance Summer – Shannon Klare

It’s been quite some time since I had a book I don’t remember adding to my list. Even though it does sound like my kind of book and a good summer read I don’t think I’ll be picking this one up anytime soon.


A Sweet Mess – Jayci Lee

A book with a character that has a bakery and there’s romance? Sign me up! A Sweet Mess released almost two years ago, so I’m really surprised I haven’t read this one yet. Maybe one I’ll have to add to my summer TBR.



Removal Percentage: 40%
Current “to-read” shelf: 920

Wow, it’s the first time in many posts that I was able to remove more than one or two from my want to read shelf. What do you think of my choices? Would you have chosen any different? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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