Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases May 2022

We’ve been saying this every month, but how is April almost over?!? This year really is flying by. Today it’s time to take a look at the books releasing next month! May is normally a pretty big release month, so let’s see how long this list becomes. Keep on reading to find out what our anticipated May releases are!

See You Yesterday – Rachel Lynn Solomon (May 3rd)

See You Yesterday has the Groundhog Day formula of repeating a day over and over again. But can you imagine having to relive a day over again with your nemesis? We all know this will probably lead to them falling in love, but those are my favorite kind of stories.

The Agathas – Kathleen Glasgow & Liz Lawson (May 3rd)

A YA mystery, so you already know I’m interested. And this one sounds like a lot of fun, I love that they somehow incorporated Agatha Christie and I can’t wait to pick it up.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler – Casey McQuiston (May 3rd)

This is Casey’s first YA book and I’m excited to try it. RWARB was an amazing read but I couldn’t get into One Last Stop (will try again) so I’m not completely sure what I’ll think of this one. The early reviews have me hopeful though!

Bravely – Maggie Stiefvater (May 3rd)

I love Maggie Stiefvater so I’m automatically interested in whatever she writes. And I love Brave, so I’m excited to see what her take on the story is. To be honest, I haven’t read the synopsis but I like to be surprised!

By the Book – Jasmine Jasmine Guillory (May 3rd)

A modern day fairytale retelling that takes place in a publishing house. I have a feeling I’m going to love this book. I’ve read a book by Jasmine before that I really enjoyed, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this one just as much.

Burn Down, Rise Up – Vincent Tirado (May 3rd)

A YA horror with fantasy elements, a diverse cast of characters and an urban legend. I might get scared reading this, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Forging Silver into Stars – Brigid Kemmerer (May 3rd)

Brigid Kemmerer is an author I love and her next book, Forging Silver into Stars, sounds amazing. It’s the first of a new series, but I’m not 100% sure about this release date. Some on Goodreads say June and some May. Either way I’m looking forward to reading it.

Family of Liars – E. Lockhart (May 3rd)

I read We Were Liars 5 years ago but I can still remember the shock I felt and I really liked the book. So I’m definitely interested in this prequel even though it wasn’t necessary. The book is only 242 pages so I’m sure I will be a one-sitting read.

Book Lovers – Emily Henry (May 3rd)

To be honest just the title has me wanting to read Book Lovers. Any books that have characters that love books or work with books somehow catch my attention. A literary agent and editor that don’t seem to like each other are the stars of this book. I have a feeling some type of romance is going to develop.

The Marvellers – Dhonielle Clayton (May 3rd)

The start of a new MG fantasy series, set at a global magic school in the sky. That already sounds perfect. We also get a misfit group of friends on a mission to save our MC’s mentor and secure her place at the school.

Book of Night – Holly Black (May 3rd)

Holly’s first adult book, a dark fantasy with shadowy thieves and secret societies. All I want in a book basically. Is is May 3rd yet?! The reviews are all over the place so I’m excited to see where I will fall.

Never Been Kissed – Timothy Janovsky (May 3rd)

Our main character has never been kissed and wants his own happily ever after that are always in movies. He ends up sending emails to all the boys he loved before coming out. We all know this is going to be quite the journey and I hope it finds a happily ever after.

Hollow Fires – Samira Ahmed (May 10th)

The synopsis already managed to bring tears to my eyes so I’m sure this will be an amazing read. It explores important topics and the early reviews are all extremely positive. I have very high hopes for this one.

Nate Plus One – Kevin van Whye (May 10th)

I loved Kevin’s book Date Me, Bryson Keller and I’ve been anxiously awaiting a new book. Nate Plus One sounds like another amazing rom-com that will be perfect for the summer. I’m hoping I love it as much as the first book by this author.

Cafe Con Lychee – Emery Lee (May 10th)

This enemies-to-lovers food related book sounds so so cute. The synopsis already has be smiling from ear to ear and I’m sure the book won’t be any different. M|M romance and an interracial PoC couple, very cutely portrayed on the cover.

Dead End Girls – Wendy Heard (May 10th)

A sapphic YA thriller that sounds super interesting. Maude has been planning to fake her death and has to take her step-cousin with her. Can’t wait to see how this will all play out.

Set On You – Amy Lea (May 10th)

When I first heard about Set on You I had to think of The Fastest Way You Fall. Seems like a similar idea and one that I enjoyed. A curvy fitness influencer and a firefighter. This is going to be an interesting one. I have an e-arc and plan on reading it ASAP!

Something Wilder – Christina Lauren (May 17th)

Christina Lauren is my go to author duo when I want a laugh. Their romantic comedies are so much fun and I’ve been so excited about Something Wilder. To be honest I don’t even really know what it’s about, but I’ll read anything by them.

Two Truths and a Lie – April Henry (May 24th)

A group of teens are trapped in an old motel with a murderer while playing a game of two truths and a lie. This YA mystery sounds like a lot of fun! I think it will be a very quick read and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

A Lady for a Duke – Alexis Hall (May 24th)

Alexis Hall seems to be an author taking on many genres: contemporary romance, cozy mystery, and now a historical romance. I just recently read my first historical romance and enjoyed it more than expected. So when I discovered A Lady for a Duke I knew I needed to add it to this list.

It’s All in How You Fall – Sarah Henning (May 31st)

Being an athlete takes so much hard work I can’t even imagine. Our main character takes a fall and ends up ending her possible career. Learning on how to move on from that can’t be easy, but I have a feeling the other main character is going to help her through it. Another perfect summer read.

You, Me, and Our Heartstrings – Melissa See (May 31st)

The cover of You, Me, and Our Heartstrings is so pretty. I love all of these colors. Our female main character has cerebral palsy and the male main character anxiety. It is so important to have characters like these in books. When their performance goes viral it seems like things are going to become very interesting. I can’t wait to read this.

Summer’s Edge – Dana Mele (May 31st)

This YA Supernatural Thriller centers around five estranged friends who return to a summer lake house on the anniversary of a friend’s death. I really liked Dana’s previous book so I’m excited to see if this one is as good.

Out of the Blue – Jason June (May 31st)

I enjoyed Jay’s Gay Agenda last year, so I was excited to see Jason June releasing another book. Out of the Blue has merfolk going on land to help a human for a month before going back to the ocean. I love this concept and can’t wait to see how the romance aspect is going to play out.

A Little Bit Country – Brian D. Kennedy (May 31st)

I love the cover of this book and any book that has music involved in some way or form. A Little Bit of Country sounds like the perfect summer romance to read the next few months.

Improbable Magic for Cynical Witches – Kate Scelsa (May 31st)

I honestly haven’t heard much about this book, but the title alone caught my attention. I love books about witches. The fact that it takes place in Salem makes me even more excited. Improbably Magic for Cynical Witches does sound like a book I should save to read near Halloween.

Rivals – Katharine McGee (May 31st)

Book 3 in the American Royals series! I still have to read the second book but I really enjoyed the first one. Reading about this one gets me very excited to jump back in the series.

The Counselors – Jessica Goodman (May 31st)

Another YA mystery. This one is set at a summer camp and the boy who crushed our MC’s heart is found dead in the lake. Sounds like a good start to a YA mystery haha. Can’t wait what everyones secrets are.

So those are the books we’re looking forward to that are releasing in May! Are any of these on your list? Or did we miss any you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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