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These past couple of weeks I finally got back to reading House of Earth and Blood and after finishing that book I immediately read House of Sky and Breath. So I thought it would be fun to rank all the Sarah J. Maas books I read so far. There are only 2 books I haven’t read yet, A Court of Silver Flames and Catwoman: Soulstealer. That means I have 14 books to put in my ranking. I rated all of them pretty high so let’s see how I fare in ranking them.

14. A Court of Frost and Starlight

Maybe this isn’t completely fair haha, but it was just a short story where not that much happened. Since this isn’t my favorite series I just didn’t care that much. Might like it more after finishing ACOSF because the short stories in Assassin’s Blade are so so important.

13. A Court of Wings and Ruin

I was a bit disappointed with this end of the trilogy. It was still good but I didn’t like some of the repercussions of the end battle. This was SJM’s first series ‘ender’ (yes I know there are more books now but it was the end of the arc) and to be honest I was scared for the end of the Throne of Glass series after reading this one. It was just not what I was hoping for.

12. A Court of Thorns and Roses

I always thought this was a bit overhyped. Sure I liked the book but I never loved it as much as everyone else seems to do. I’ll admit I’m still a bit bitter than most people seem to love this series more than the Throne of Glass series even though that is the superior one (imo).

11. Crown of Midnight

This was a hard choice! But after some careful deliberation I’m pretty sure this is my least favorite Throne of Glass book haha. I think this would be much higher on other people’s lists but I think the other books are just better or more iconic!

10. Heir of Fire

I feel really bad putting this one here. This is were the series took a turn and I loved it! But like I said for the previous one, there are just better and more iconic books. It’s hard though! Because I love Aelin and this one also brought us my fav Manon.

9. Queen of Shadows

I loved the ending in this one, it gave me such a good and peaceful feeling! For once I wasn’t stressed out and I didn’t mind waiting for the next book. I’m pretty sure this was the only book that managed to make me feel like that, and I was severely punished for that feeling with the next book haha.

8. The Assassin’s Blade

I don’t think I can put this one any higher, but I did love it so much. These short stories make me love Sam forever (I held out hope for him until the very last page of Kingdom of Ash) and the are so important for the whole series. The foreshadowing in this series is immaculate and you can appreciate it so much more if you read this.

7. Tower of Dawn

This book deserves so much more love than it is getting! I never expected to love it as much as I did but it was amazing. Chaol is one of my least favourite characters but this book changed my views on him. It also expanded the world in a really cool way.

6. Throne of Glass

This wasn’t the ‘best’ book but it was were it all started for me and I have to show it some love for that. I fell in love with the series here and thanks to this series I might Candyce and some of our other friends. Can’t imagine life without them!

5. House of Earth and Blood

I’m not sure if I can forgive SJM for that heartbreak about 200 pages in…. But this was a fantastic read. I love the world and all the politics. While I complain about the heartbreak I also love how this book made me bawl my eyes out multiple times. It was amazing and I will definitely reread it all before the third book comes out.

4. A Court of Mist and Fury

While this series isn’t my favorite, it’s actually my least out of the three, this book is fantastic. It deserves all the love it gets and it’s the reason I’m still reading this series haha. Okay, the characters are lovely as well so I guess they deserve some credit too.

3. House of Sky and Breath

I finished this book last night so that might be why it’s so high up here. Admittedly that may not be completely fair but it is what it is. The ending was mind blowing! And I loved all the intrigue and twists throughout the book. I’m very proud I predicted something correctly haha. And I just love how this group is coming together, it’s at least as iconic as the inner circle and the cadre! I wish all the best for them but I’m very scared who’ll make it out of the last book safely.

2. Empire of Storms

I debated these last two the longest! If I do this again in the future I might switch them up haha. This book made me truly appreciate all the foreshadowing and I adored seeing it all come together. The ending had me screaming, crying and I just couldn’t believe it. And this book is what prompted the read-a-long I participated in where I met Candyce. So it will forever be one of my favorites.

1.Kingdom of Ash

The Throne of Glass series is simply my favorite and I adored the ending. Like I said, I was scared after ACOWAR because I did not like it that much. This one gave me more of what I wanted. And yes that was absolutely heartbreaking, I bawled my eyes out and still think certain characters deserved better. But that is also the cost of war. I might need to reread this soon because I did love it so so much.

This was harder than I expected it to be! While I reread some of these books it has been a while since I read most of them. And with the Crescent City books fresh in my mind it was hard to see how they compare to the other ones haha. Might have to do another ranking after rereading everything!  Do you somewhat agree with my ranking? Or would you make very different choices? Let me know in the comments!

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