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I saw a picture of a tweet and that prompted me to write this post. There are so many books I’m super super super excited for and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. And then I don’t read them for years…. I look at my shelves and can’t believe I haven’t read some of the books. So I wanted to dedicate a post to those books today ;). Let’s jump in!

Empire of the Vampire – Jay Kristoff

I don’t preorder books that often but when this one was announced I knew I had to get it. Especially the gorgeous Waterstones edition! And I’m so happy with it. But I still haven’t picked the book up haha. I have been looking at it, have it on my nightstand actually! It is a big book though haha. I hope to read it this year, or one of my other unread Jay Kristoff books at least.

Blessed Monsters – Emily A. Duncan

Another preorder! I got the first 2 books from Owlcrate so of course I wanted the last one as well to have a matching set. The first books in the series were great and the ending of book 2 had me screaming for the third one. And of course I still haven’t picked it up.

Hollowpox – Jessica Townsend

The first two books in this series are so so good and I was super excited to get Hollowpox as soon as it released. Ever since it has been on my shelves waiting for me to pick it up. I know I’m going to love it once I finally pick it up. The next book will release in October so it would be lovely if I read this one before then.

Call Down the Hawk – Maggie Stiefvater

I love love love The Raven Cycle and I was counting the days for the Ronan spin off. Even bought this book with the ugly cover because I was so excited for this story. The story is going to conclude with the third book coming out this October so maybe I should binge it around then!

Bloodwitch – Susan Dennard

Whyyyy haven’t I read this one?! The fourth book in the series is already out so knowing this has a killer cliffhanger is not an excuse anymore haha. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this book and it is high on my priority list. Something else comes before it every time though haha.

The Dragon Republic – R.F. Kuang

The Poppy Wars was such a great read! And I loved hearing R.F. Kuang talking about the story. This is supposed to be a good sequel and I’ve heard great things about the last book in the series as well. Which I have as an eARC haha. I should get on these soon ;).

Five Dark Fates – Kendare Blake

This might be the worst one. Three Dark Crowns is one of my favorite series ever and I only have this last book to read. Or better yet, to finish this last book. I read about half of it but it’s been over a year ago now haha. It’s scary to read the end of a beloved story and I jut hope it lives up to my expectations.

A Reaper at the Gates – Sabaa Tahir

This was another highly anticipated sequel and with the last book in the series out for two years now I should get on it. I’ve seen amazing reviews and I think I’m really going to enjoy this book. It will be a change of pace since I got this one in Dutch as I did the first two books, so maybe that’s what’s holding me back.

Invictus – Ryan Graudin

This sounds like such a me book and I have been dying to read it since I heard of it. It’s about time travel and that’s one of my favorite tropes. I’ve always wanted to read a Ryan Graudin book and I hope this one lives up to my expectations.

Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

How gorgeous is this book? It took me a long time but I have read 2 out of 3 book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy (partly because I hated that original cover). Those books are amazing so I have high hopes for this one. I do feel like I should read that last book first though haha.

These are 10 books I was looking forward to so so much and somehow I still haven’t read them. I can’t wait to actually pick them up. Have you read any of these? Which one should I pick up first? Let me know in the comments!

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