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It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Last Year I was reading post. Isabelle did one last month and it got me thinking of doing one again myself. I think it’s always fun looking back at last year to see what I read. We discovered Last Year I Was Reading on Cozy with Books. This meme was originally created by Reading Maria and started off on Instagram! Let’s check out what this is all about and what I was reading last year!

What I (and you!) do is:

Take your current read and compare it to what you reading this exact time last year. Which one do you like better? What is different about the books? Any special facts/things you want to make note of or bring attention to?

Like Isabelle I track my reading in a spreadsheet my boyfriend made me, so I can easily look up what I was reading this time in April last year.

Last Year I Was Reading: A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire – Jennifer L. Armentrout

A Betrayal…

Everything Poppy has ever believed in is a lie, including the man she was falling in love with. Thrust among those who see her as a symbol of a monstrous kingdom, she barely knows who she is without the veil of the Maiden. But what she does know is that nothing is as dangerous to her as him. The Dark One. The Prince of Atlantia. He wants her to fight him, and that’s one order she’s more than happy to obey. He may have taken her, but he will never have her.

A Choice…

Casteel Da’Neer is known by many names and many faces. His lies are as seductive as his touch. His truths as sensual as his bite. Poppy knows better than to trust him. He needs her alive, healthy, and whole to achieve his goals. But he’s the only way for her to get what she wants—to find her brother Ian and see for herself if he has become a soulless Ascended. Working with Casteel instead of against him presents its own risks. He still tempts her with every breath, offering up all she’s ever wanted. Casteel has plans for her. Ones that could expose her to unimaginable pleasure and unfathomable pain. Plans that will force her to look beyond everything she thought she knew about herself—about him. Plans that could bind their lives together in unexpected ways that neither kingdom is prepared for. And she’s far too reckless, too hungry, to resist the temptation.

A Secret…

But unrest has grown in Atlantia as they await the return of their Prince. Whispers of war have become stronger, and Poppy is at the very heart of it all. The King wants to use her to send a message. The Descenters want her dead. The wolven are growing more unpredictable. And as her abilities to feel pain and emotion begin to grow and strengthen, the Atlantians start to fear her. Dark secrets are at play, ones steeped in the blood-drenched sins of two kingdoms that would do anything to keep the truth hidden. But when the earth begins to shake, and the skies start to bleed, it may already be too late.

I’m Currently Reading: Kate – Tate James

“I never miss.”

Riot Night changed my life.

Coming back to Shadow Grove turned it on its head.

I’ve been hunted, stabbed, stalked, tormented, and used. Hate fueled me, lies tore me apart, and in the end everything I thought I knew turned out to be fake.

Except… Riot Night also brought Archer, Kody, and Steele back into my life. No matter how much I’ve fought it, hated it, been lied to or discovered the deceptions—I want them in my life.

No one owns me.

No one is taking them away.

This is my life, dammit, and these guys are mine to keep.

If a war is what it takes, then a war is what they’ll get.

Comparing the Books

Even though A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and Kate are completely different books they do have some things in common. They both have strong female leads that are feisty and stick up for themselves. Poppy and Kate are both very sarcastic and want to make you think they can deal with anything, but both need some help at times. In both stories there is quite a lot of action seeing how both characters are fighting certain battles. And of course, there’s romance and steamy scenes in Kate and A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire.

There are definitely some differences though. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is fantasy. It has different paranormal creatures and magic is involved. This book also doesn’t take place in this modern day world. Kate on the other hand is a reverse harem and deals with gangs and quite a bit of violence (not that we don’t get any fighting in A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire). I have to say I’d recommend them both though!


Have you read either of these? What did you think? Or what were you reading this time last year? Is it anything like your current read? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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