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First quarter of the year is already gone by, it’s crazy how fast it’s all going. Yesterday we shared the new books we got this month and today we want to show off all of the books we read. Was it more than last month? Let’s take a look at our March wrap up!


March isn’t a month I can complain about reading wise! I had the first two weeks of the month off and definitely got quite a bit of reading done. In the end I ended up reading 19 books (7 e-books, 5 paperbacks, 3 audiobooks, 3 arcs, and 1 hardcover). Also, 8 of these books were 400+ pages which I loved because one of my reading goals is to read bigger books. My average rating was a 4.3 this month, so I even enjoyed just about everything I read! Let’s talk about what books I read.

Ruthless Fae & The Reckoning – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Okay, so I have to admit that I’m addicted to Zodiac Academy! I flew through the first three books and I’m currently reading the fourth. And the only reason I haven’t finished Shadow Princess yet is because I had a few other responsibilities first. The whole zodiac world, the characters, and the plot just pulled me in. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J Maas

House of Sky and Breath was one of my most anticipated releases and I took my time reading it. This was a buddy read with a friend of mine and we finished on the final day of the month. I managed to avoid spoilers and I’m happy I did, because that ending is just one you need to experience while reading. I’m still processing the whole thing.

It Will End Like This – Kyra Leigh

It Will End Like This is a thriller/horror and a Lizzy Borden re-imagining.  I actually read this book in one sitting and was really intrigued. The short chapters and POVs from both sisters had me hooked and left me constantly wanting to continue to see how it would all end.

Ice Planet Barbarians – Ruby Dixon

Honestly I never expected I would be adding Ice Planet Barbarians to my wrap up post, but the hype got to me. Especially when we did a read of this in TBR and Beyond. This one was definitely interesting. I have to say I liked it more than I expected, but I still think I prefer human romances, haha.

Girls of Fate and Fury – Natasha Ngan

I finished a series!! I’m very proud of myself, because that doesn’t happen very often! Girls of Fate and Fury was an action-packed ending to this whole trilogy. It was an intense and emotional ride, but I loved how the author wrapped up this story. This a trilogy I definitely won’t forget.

Covet – Tracy Wolff

Covet was a reread for me this month, because after reading the first few chapters of Court I was very lost. Once again it was another roller coaster and I definitely forgot so many details, haha. So I definitely needed a refresher. At the moment I’m about halfway through Court and it’s definitely taking turns I didn’t see coming.

Love & Other Disasters – Anita Kelly

I’m pretty sure if you’ve been online the last few months you’ve seen the book Love & Other Disasters somewhere. It has a cooking show element that I love and the relationship that develops was really interesting. I loved that the relationship felt realistic instead of textbook perfect. They both definitely had things to work on. Love & Other Disasters definitely has me curious about the author’s other books.

Sweet Girl – Jack Whitney

Sweet Girl is a Valentine’s novella and one of the main characters is Cupid himself. He spends the night with our other main character and things definitely get steamy. I have to say this book kept me intrigued, but it does have a lot of sex, haha. From what I’ve heard we’re getting a full length book of this in 2023 and I do think I will pick it up.

Flock – Kate Stewart

Flock is another book I’ve been seeing everywhere and got curious about. No one seems to know what it’s about and you don’t really find answers from people who’ve read it. The writing was addicting and once I started I couldn’t put it down. One of the male characters frustrated me at times, but it has an ending that definitely took me by surprise. I’m reading the second book in the trilogy this month.

Hate & Liar – Tate James

Tate James is an author I hear a lot about and a few of my friends on bookstagram are huge fans. So another friend and I decided to start buddy reading this series. We flew through Hate and definitely became hooked. Madison Kate is an interesting character and so many absurd things keep happening. Sometimes the sequel was a little slow, but I need to know what’s going on with all of these characters. This is also my first reverse harem experience and it’s definitely interesting.

All Systems Red – Martha Wells

The Murderbot Diaries is another series I’ve heard amazing things about. My boyfriend is a big fan and basically read all of the books last October when we went away for a week. I decided to try All Systems Red this month to test out the boyfriend’s e-reader. I’ve been thinking about getting a new Kindle and wanted to see if that type of model would be something I want. I ended up really enjoying this novella and want to know more about this world and character.

Gallant – V.E. Schwab

V.E. Schwab is an author I’ll definitely always read. Gallant is the newest book and once again she gave us a lyrical book that’s a bit dark. The writing pulled me in and didn’t let me go. This isn’t my favorite book by Schwab, but one I highly enjoyed. I read this as an e-arc and now that I have a physical copy I’ll be revisiting it to get the full experience that has better illustrations.

Gouda Friends – Cathy Yardley

I love a good friends to lovers romance and couldn’t resist this cover. Our main character loves cheese and I do too, so it was definitely interesting. Tam and Josh have been best friends for years and helped each other through some difficult times. They haven’t really been talking much, but when Tam catches her boyfriend cheating she calls him without a second thought. While he tries to help her figure out her next step things start to develop. Gouda Friends was such a fun story that has humor, sweet moments, some steamy moments, yummy food, and amazing side characters.

Pink, Blue, & You – Elise Gravel

Picture books aren’t normally my go to, but TBR and Beyond Tours hosted a tour for Pink, Blue & You and it looked so cute. I loved that this book talks about gender stereotypes, gives questions to start conversations with children, has some interesting facts, and just lets children know it’s okay to be themselves.

40-Love & Sweetest in the Gale – Olivia Dade

After reading Spoiler Alert and All the Feels by this author I became really curious about her other books. There’s Something About Marysburg has two full length books and ends with Sweetest in the Gale that has a few short stories. I loved the audiobooks and the romances are fast and fun. I definitely recommend reading these.

Stuck with You – Ali Hazelwood

Stuck with You is the next novella in The STEMinist Novellas by Ali Hazelwood. This released on audio this month and I had so much fun listening to it. Sadie and Erik meet in an interesting way and we get glimpses of this while also reading about their situation when getting stuck in an elevator. There are definitely a few misunderstandings and that leads to some drama, haha. I definitely recommend these novellas. They’re a lot of fun!


Favorite Book:
The Reckoning
Least Favorite:
Ice Planet Barbarians
Most Surprising:
House of Sky and Breath



The last couple of months were pretty sad reading wise but I can’t complain this month! While most of my 4 reads were rereads I loved being pulled in by a book again. It’s such a good feeling and I hope to hold on to it in the coming month.

All for the Game 1, 2 & 3 – Nora Sakavich

After seeing a couple of posts about Neil and about Andrew I had this urge to reread The Foxhole Court. I loved being back with these characters and I just kept on reading until I finished all 3 book. And to be honest, I feel like rereading them again right away haha. It was such a good experience! They’re not the best written books ever but I love these characters and I love the ride.

The Dragon Reborn – Robert Jordan

It was nice listening to an audiobook again. These books are so big, with a ton of characters and storylines so they can be a bit overwhelming. But I had a lot of fun getting back into the world. I definitely will be continuing the series and I still hope to listen to all of the books this year.

Favorite Book:
The King’s Men
Least Favorite:

Most Surprising: 
The Foxhole Court

And that was our March Wrap Up! Have you read any of the books we read? Did you like them? We would love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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