Bookhaul| March 2022

How is it already April?!? We know we’ve said this recently, but it’s still flying by! So seeing how it’s the first of the month it’s time to talk about the books we’ve added to our shelves in March. Were we good? Or did we add more books than expected to our shelves? Keep on reading to find out!


Okay, so March was our birthday month and I got gift certificates. So of course I had to get a few books! In March I added 7 books to my shelves. One was a gift and one was February’s Illumicrate book. I didn’t want to add that to my February haul in case people were still waiting for their copy.

Court – Tracy Wolff

Court was a book I’ve been wanting to order since it released, but it was either really expensive or had a long delivery time. I finally found fast delivery and a decent price and Court arrived just before I started reading it. I’m enjoying this one and it’s taking the story places I never expected.

Mr. Wrong Number – Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter wrote one of my favorite books, Better Than the Movies, so I just needed her adult romance that released this month. Look at the cute cover! Also, I love the idea of a relationship starting after a text is sent to someone it wasn’t supposed to go ti.

The Spanish Love Deception – Elena Armas

Look at this pretty cover!! I’m reading this for my swoonalong read in TBR and Beyond and the paperback was on sale. I’ve been loving physical books lately, so I bought this one. I’m hoping to love it a lot.

Sadie On a Plate – Amanda Elliott

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’m really enjoying books with cooking shows and chefs, haha. Add in some romance and I’m sold! Someone on bookstagram posted the opening lines of Sadie on a Plate and I was already laughing, so it was for me.

One for All – Lillie Lainoff

One for All is an OwnVoices gender-bent retelling of The Three Musketeers. I think this is such an amazing concept and I love the cover! It’s also not as big as I expected, so I should be able to read it pretty quickly.

League of Liars – Astrid Scholte

I read that League of Liars was pitched as How to Get Away with Murder meets Six of Crows. How cool is that?!? I saw a review on bookstagram that had me convinced I needed this. A blogger friend of mine was really sweet and sent this to me from my Amazon wishlist. It needs to be added to my TBR soon.

A River Enchanted – Rebecca Ross

A River Enchanted was the book I got from Illumicrate in February. This edition is stunning and I love it a lot more than the original cover. The story also sounds amazing, so that’s a plus!


While it was also my birthday month and I did get a giftcard, I haven’t bought any books yet. Well,,, I did buy a book but it’s for Candyce’s birthday so I can’t show it here yet haha. Next month I think I will get my first book(s) of 2022 but for now the count will stay at zero.

So this is our March bookhaul! What books did you get in March? Any books we should be reading? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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