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Since the first week of March HBO Max has been released in the Netherlands. And of course  I had to get a subscription as well. I loved seeing so many shows that weren’t available to us before. And of course a ton of older, beloved shows that I can’t wait to watch again. So today I wanted to share my watchlist. I also have a ton of movies I want to watch (again) but I’ll use those for the next post. Today it’s all about the tv shows, so let’s jump in!


I have watched a couple of episodes of the first season, when it was released but I stopped at some point. By now there are 3 seasons and I’m excited to see what happens next in this show!

Mare of Easttown

This is an award winning show and the premise is right up my alley! I’m sure I will enjoy watching this. There aren’t that many episodes so I should make it through pretty quickly.

Tin Star

This show has been on my to watch list for so long! To be honest, I don’t even remember what it’s about but I’m sure it sounded interesting haha. And I like the lead actor!

All American

I love this show! It’s great to finally have a good way to watch the show every week. If I saw it correctly we get the new episodes every week so that is great. Hopefully they’ll also get us All American Homecoming.

Roswell, New Mexico

I’ve watched most of this show already and love it a lot. It’s nice to have it on this streaming service and I can’t wait to watch the last couple of episodes. Hopefully they’ll put up new episodes when they air so I can stay up to date.


I’ve watched up to halfway season three I believe but was a bit disappointed after a while. Now I’m excited to try again and see if the rest of the season got better. Hopefully I can fall in love with the show again!


I don’t know too much about this show but from what I’ve heard, it seems like something I will really enjoy. The poster looks really cool and has me interested right away!


I’ve heard a lot about this show and it has some of my favorite actors in it. Whenever I see Arielle Kebbel is in something, I just want to watch it haha.

True Blood

I watched maybe one episode but I’ve always been interested in this show! Now I finally have the chance to watch it and I can’t wait to actually do so. I’m sure it will be a new addiction haha.

His Dark Materials

Seeing this one on here makes me want to pick the book back up haha. I have read part of the first book in the series and really enjoyed it! Now I just need to finish it so I can finally watch this show.


I watched a couple of episodes when the first season came out but just didn’t continue. My brother recently watched the first two seasons and that reminded me that I really enjoyed those first episodes. Can’t wait to continue!

The Sopranos

This is such a classic show! And I never watched it. I don’t think it was on Dutch television and I haven’t seen it on any other streaming service. It sounds like something I would enjoy a lot, so I’m excited to try it!

Big Little Lies

I planned on reading the book first haha. But I think I will just have to go for the tv show with this one. I don’t own the book and I don’t see myself picking it up anytime soon. So this will have to do! And I’ve heard great thing about it.

Gossip Girl

I adored the original so of course I was interested in the sequel. And I watched and enjoyed the first two episodes. Now I just need to continue watching the show haha.

And Just Like That

I haven’t seen all of Sex and the City so you can expect that later on in this list haha. But after watching Sex and the City I do want to watch this new show. I’m interested in seeing if it lives up to the magic of the original.


I’ve see the first one or two episodes of Euphoria. To be honest, I didn’t plan on watching the rest. It’s a very heavy show and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch that. But since it’s available now, I might try it again!


To be honest, I’m not completely sure what this is about haha. But it’s a DC show, the poster looks cool and I think it’s something I will really enjoy. I’m at least going to give it a chance! There aren’t that many episodes yet, so it should be a quick watch.


This sounds like my kind of show! I think I will love this a lot and just binge the whole thing in a couple of goes haha. From what I’ve heard, this show is amazing and I just can’t wait.

Gilded Age

I’ve watched the fist episode and really love this period drama. It has an interesting premise and some amazing actors. I can’t wait to continue watching the first season.

Superman & Lois

I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of the first season and really like this Superman show. The actors are amazing and I really like the direction the show is going in. I really want to dive back in right away!

Sex and the City

I’ve seen parts of the show and I’ve seen the movies. But I’ve never seen all of it. So I would like to go back and watch the whole thing again. Especially before I’m going to watch And Just Like That.

The O.C.

Another classic! I’ve only seen the first season but I do want to watch the rest. It wasn’t available anywhere else before so I’m glad I finally have the opportunity now!


The Vampire Diaries

I started my rewatch on Netflix but they had to remove The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Now I can continue my rewatch haha. I’ve watched the show a couple of times already but I still love it!

The Originals

Once I finish my rewatch of The Vampire Diaries, I will also go back and rewatch The Originals. I love this show even more as it has some of my absolute favorite characters. Just thinking about what will happen is already breaking my heart but I just can’t stop watching haha.

One Tree Hill

This is probably one of my top 3 favorite shows ever. I adore these characters so much and I have watched it so many times. Recently the leading ladies started a podcast and are rewatching the show. So I’m doing another rewatch! And streaming is just easier than using my DVD’s haha.

That was a long post!! Guess I have more than enough to watch haha. What should I start with first? Let me know down below!

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