Review| Ruthless Fae – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

After reading The Awakening it wasn’t long before I picked up Ruthless Fae. As I’m typing this I’m already over halfway with The Reckoning (third book in this series). I think it’s safe to say that Zodiac Academy has become an obsession. Keep on reading to find out more about this book and my thoughts!

They tried to break us.
They almost did.
But we’re not going anywhere.

The Celestial Heirs think the stars are on their side. But they don’t know what’s coming.¬†Fighting them one on one isn’t an option so we have to be stealthy. Remaining under the radar won’t be easy, but if we pull it off, they’ll never suspect our involvement when their lives start falling apart.

Besides, they’ve already taken us to the brink of hell, what more can they really do?



Ruthless Fae starts off right where The Awakening leaves off. Darcy and Tory survived the Heirs trying to break them this time around, but are they fit for this school and world? That’s the big question and also are they strong enough?

I don’t want to dive into the actual plot too much, because this is a sequel and I don’t want to spoil for anyone reading. I will say though that even though the bully element from the first book is still present, but not as much as the first book. We slowly get more POVs as well which gave us glimpses of how some of the other characters thought. It definitely had me changing my opinion about Darius especially.

This is such an interesting world and I was glad we’re finally getting more of a glimpse of the politics and magic. We get to see Darcy and Tory learn more about themselves as well. The side characters also make this book really special. And let me tell you at a certain point you just can’t put this book down. It’s almost 500 pages, but still wasn’t enough. Thankfully there is still plenty of this series for me to read.

Ruthless Fae gives us politics, magic, a little romance, strong fierce characters, and so much more! Let’s just say I know why people are so obsessed with this series. Also, I need to say this book has me laughing out loud quite often and the professors are definitely special. I definitely wouldn’t want some of them teaching me, haha. If you’ve been debating to read this or not I definitely suggest giving it a chance.

I always love when authors make you obsessed with a series they write. How the characters and their world are something you want to spend all of your spare time with. What was the last book/series that made you feel this way? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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