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With HBO Max coming to the Netherlands this month (it starts this Tuesday!) I was taking stock of all the streaming services I use. Some I’m personally subscribed to, others I have a shared account on with family members haha. Are they all worth it? Let’s take a look!


Of course this is the biggest one. I can’t imagine Netflix to ever disappear from our lives haha, but then again we probably thought the same about a lot of other things. This one is very much worth it to me as I watch something on it every week. There are a ton of shows and movies and new ones just keep coming and coming. I’m just a little mad they cancelled some of my favorite shows haha.


As a Disney fan girl there was no way I was missing out on Disney+. At first I was a bit disappointed by the content on there but as a Marvel fan I knew I had to wait for those original shows. And now I’m really happy with it. There are a lot more great shows now, especially with Starz coming to Disney+ as well. It’s still nowhere near Netflix but I’m content with it.

Apple TV

My brother got this with his new iPhone and we can share it through Apple family. It has a couple of interesting shows I want to see, but I wouldn’t pay for a subscription myself to be honest. There isn’t a lot on there and I don’t think it would be worth the money. But for now it’s good to be able to watch the shows that are on there. Some nice bookish adaptations 😉

Amazon Prime

I quite like Amazon Prime! There are some great shows and movies on here so I use it pretty often. I do get disappointed whenever I think a movie pops up but it’s a rent or buy one though haha. Just give me the ‘free’ content, I don’t want to pay extra. Anyway, really good ‘free’ content as well and I have a long list of things I want to see on here.


I don’t watch a lot on here, but it had a couple things I wanted to watch. This is definitely not my go to but it’s a Dutch subscription and it does have some cool Dutch shows on it. As I don’t pay for it myself, I’m just glad I have access to it for the couple of things I do want to see haha.


I hardly use this one to be honest. My brother has a subscription and I do want to watch more anime but with everything else it’s just a little bit too much haha. At some point I might make more use of it, but for now this is the one I use the least.


Our newest subscription service! I’m a big fan of Formula 1 and Viaplay has bought the rights to Formula 1 in the Netherlands. So we had to get this one to be able to watch the races this year. Turns out they also have a ton of tv shows on there so I’ve actually been watching a lot of here this week haha. And of course I had to watch all the Formula 1 related content that was on here.

And those are the 7(!) streaming services I use haha. The struggle remains; on which platform can I watch which show haha. Which ones are you using? And which one is our favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!

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