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Okay, so we all know that I’m really bad at sticking to the monthly TBRs I make. I still love making lists of books I’m hoping to read and am really excited about. I have 16 days off in March (took some vacation time), so I should be able to get quite a bit of reading done. So let’s take a look at my hopefuls for my March TBR.

Buddy/Group Reads

As you probably know by now I participate in a lot of group reads and buddy reads! So this month is another month with plenty of those.

Ice Planet Barbarians – Ruby Dixon

So Ice Planet Barbarians is going to be a read way outside of my comfort zone. I normally stick to human romances, haha. Except this book is everywhere and curiosity has gotten the best of me. The special edition covers definitely helped nudge me in the right direction, haha.

It Will End Like This – Kyra Leigh

It Will End Like This is a psychological thriller and was inspired by the Lizzie Borden story. Thrillers are something I’ve been reading more of and loving, so I was definitely intrigued  when I saw this book. I’m loving the illustrated cover on this and I can’t wait to sit down and read it.

King of Battle and Blood – Scarlett St. Clair

So I host a swoonalong read every month in the TBR and Beyond group and I promised to read a book with more smut in March. King of Battle and Blood won the poll. I’ve been very curious about this book and author, so it works for me. There have been reviews saying it’s too much like From Blood and Ash and I’m hoping I enjoy this one.

Girls of Fate and Fury – Natasha Ngan

The last two months me and two others in the TBR and Beyond group have been hosting discussions for the first two books in the Girls of Paper and Fire series. March is time for us to read the third and final book Girls of Fate and Fury. After the ending of the second book I need to know how it’s all going to play out.

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J Maas

I’ve been lucky and haven’t seen any spoilers yet about House of Sky and Breath. A friend and I are buddyreading this one in March and I’m excited and scared at the same time. The only thing I do know is that it’s going to be a very interesting ride.

Court – Tracy Wolff

So I was going to read Court last month, but when a friend and I started it we realized we forgot too much about the last book to read this. So we decided to reread Covet first. We’re almost done with it now, so Court will be read soon.

A Question of Holmes – Brittany Cavallaro

If all goes well I’ll be finishing two series in March and I’m very proud of myself, haha. A Question of Holmes is the fourth and final book in the Charlotte Holmes series and I’ve loved the first three books so far. I’m almost done with the third one now, but I have no clue how it’s going to end.


Blog Tours

I’ve been doing less blog tours, but every once in a while I still enjoy participating! So this month I’m participating on a middle grade book tour.

Undercover Princess & Princess Ever After – Connie Glynn

Undercover Princess is a middle grade book I did see around when it released in 2017 and thought it sounded cute. I know I pretended to be a princess when I was younger and our main character pretends to be one. So I have e-arcs of books 1 and 5. I’m not sure how much I’ll miss, but I may try and sneak in the others as well. Middle grade is normally something that I read quickly.



I’m so behind on my e-arcs it’s not even funny! But I’m slowly trying to get a few done each month.

This Might Get Awkward – Kara McDowell

This Might Get Awkward sounds like a type of book I’m going to love. When I read it was pitched as Sophie Kinsella meets Sarah Dessen and as a hilarious romantic book. That’s all I need to know. I have a feeling I won’t be putting this down once I pick it up.

A Night to Die For – Lisa Schroeder

It seems in A Night to Die For prom turns into something no one was expecting. I’m normally not much of a horror reader, but this one definitely sounds interesting. It’s less then 300 pages, so I’m sure it’s a book that won’t take long to read. Which is something I need in between all the humongous books I want to read this month.

Always Jane – Jenn Bennett

So in all honesty this is a book I’m kind of hesitant about. I’ve loved other books by Jenn Bennett, but Always Jane has a love triangle. Those tend to really annoy me, so this is going to be either a lot of fun or something that ends up irritating me. I hope I love it, because except for the love triangle it sounds like so much fun.


Other Books I Hope to Read

There are also some physical books and e-books I really want to get to. Zodiac Academy books are huge, so I’m hoping to get through those quickly, because they are addicting. That way I have time for the others.

The Reckoning, Shadow Princess & Cursed Fates – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Last month I finished the first book in the Zodiac Academy series and I’m just about done with the second one as I’m typing this. I’ve really been enjoying it, so I got the paperbacks for the next three books to enjoy on vacation. They’re huge, so it’ll be nice to curl up on the couch with a pillow and binge these books.

Something Fabulous – Alexis Hall

I really think Alexis Hall is becoming a favorite author of mine. I loved Murder Most Actual and I’m currently reading Boyfriend Material and I’m really enjoying it. Something Fabulous sounds like a lot of fun, so I will be continuing with this author’s other books.

Terms and Conditions – Lauren Asher

After seeing The Fine Print all over TikTok at the end of last year the curiosity got the best of me. I enjoyed that book so much and was excited to hear I wouldn’t wait long for the sequel. We already got a sneak peek of Declan in that book and Terms of Condition will give us his story. I love fake marriages, because we all know real feelings will enter the mix.


Okay, so this is definitely a shorter TBR than I normally make, but seeing how five of these books are huge I think this will get me pretty far. Have you read any of these? Or what are you planning on reading in March? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow fantastic TBR, good luck and I hope you enjoy them all. Really looking forward to our buddy read!!

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