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As a fan of graphic novels I was really excited when I heard of Across a Field of Starlight. So today I’m on the tour for this graphic novel hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours! Keep on reading to find out more about the book, tour, and what I thought of Across a Field of Starlight.

Across a Field of Starlight by Blue Delliquanti
Genre: Young Adult Graphic Novel
Publishing Date: February 8, 2022

An epic sci-fi graphic novel romance between two non-binary characters as they find one another through time, distance, and war. An amazing story that explores the complexity of human nature and what brings us together.

When they were kids, Fassen’s fighter spaceship crash-landed on a planet that Lu’s survey force was exploring. It was a forbidden meeting between a kid from a war-focused resistance movement and a kid whose community and planet are dedicated to peace and secrecy.

Lu and Fassen are from different worlds and separate solar systems. But their friendship keeps them in each other’s orbit as they grow up. They stay in contact in secret as their communities are increasingly threatened by the omnipresent, ever-expanding empire.

As the empire begins a new attack against Fassen’s people–and discovers Lu’s in the process–the two of them have the chance to reunite at last. They finally are able to be together…but at what cost?

This beautifully illustrated graphic novel is an epic science fiction romance between two non-binary characters as they find one another through time, distance, and war.

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As soon as I started reading Across a Field of Starlight I was sucked in by the stunning artwork and colors. I was very impressed and loved how art was used throughout this science fiction story. The characters were diverse and I loved see them all coming to life.

When you start this story you’re thrown into a world with a lot of politics and where a war is going on. I loved seeing the world and learning about the politics. Also, the characters Fassen and Lu are such interesting characters and I loved learning about them. The technology and ways of doing things was really interesting.

The second half of the book was more focused on character development and it was really interesting to see how the characters were in their own world and what their take was on things in their world. I would love another story to see how these characters are after the events in this story.

I don’t read science fiction often and I have to say while I could easily follow this story I definitely had a harder time understanding everything. If I’m honest I would’ve loved a little more explanation about these worlds and also just a little more focus on the characters. All in all, still a very impressive story and beautiful artwork. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more by this author.

Tour Schedule

The tour for Across a Field of Starlight is going on this whole week and there are quite a few amazing bloggers and bookstagrammers participating. If you want to see more posts about this one, click here for the full tour schedule.

About the Author

Blue Delliquanti (they/them) is a comic artist and writer based in Minneapolis, MN.

From 2012 to 2020 Blue drew and serialized the Prism Award-winning science fiction comic O Human Star at Blue is also the co-creator of the graphic novel Meal (with Soleil Ho), published through Iron Circus Comics, and The ‘Stan (with David Axe and Kevin Knodell), published through Dead Reckoning. They teach comics courses at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Blue is represented by Jen Linnan of Linnan Literary Management LLC.

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The beautiful artwork in Across a Field of Starlight definitely reminds me why I love graphic novels so much! Are you a fan of graphic novels? If you are a fan let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

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