Show Sunday | Favorite 2021 TV Shows Part 1

This week was all about our favorite books of 2021. But we also watch a ton of tv shows so of course we had to include a list with our favorite tv shows as well. Today it’s time for my list and next week will be Candyce’s turn. I will only talk about tv shows that had a season in 2021, so no older shows I got caught up on. It was pretty hard to narrow it down as I watched a ton of great shows! I’m going with a top 15 in no particular order and will do honorable mentions as well (and those will be another 15 shows, oops haha). Let’s take a look!

Nancy Drew

Possibly one of my very favorite shows at the moment. I adore Nancy Drew so so much and I try the watch the newest episodes as soon as the come out. These characters are wonderful and I adore the ships a lot. I also really enjoy the plot and I can’t wait to see what happens next. At first I wasn’t sure about the supernatural element but I’ve actually come to enjoy it so so much.


Another absolute favorite! This one has some of the best ships ever and almost all of the episodes manage to make me cry. I feel like an emotional wreck every time I watch this show. It’s hard to pick just one favorite character but I would probably go for either Buck or Eddie <3. Also, I hate waiting for the rest of the season after that ending!

The Wheel of Time

One of my most anticipated show of 2021, and it did not disappoint! I finally read the book, and the second one right after that, and loved the story. It was great seeing this world and these characters translated to the screen. I’m very excited for the second season!

Shadow and Bone

Another highly anticipated show! I adore the Grishaverse so obviously I was looking forward to this show so much. And I’m happy to say I adored the show! The characters are perfect and I really liked how they incorporated the Crows as that was what I was worried about. Now I just need a look at Nikolai soon!

La Casa de Papel

I’ve been watching this show for years and I will admit I wasn’t ready to let go. We got the final season this year and after the previous season I was very scared to lose another favorite. My absolute favorite character didn’t make it to the end as did some others but I am still very happy with the ending of the show. I loved the twists and I definitely want to rewatch this at some point.

Only Murders in the Building

This was such a pleasant surprise! I’m a big murder podcast fan and this title jumped out when I opened Disney+ one day. So I decided to give it a go and immediately got mad I had to wait a week for the next episode haha. This show is amazing and I can’t wait for the second season. It’s hard to describe the vibe of the show but you really need to give it a go.

On My Block

I kinda forgot about On My Block after binge watching all the available season previously. But when I saw the final season was out I had to watch it immediately. I did a rewatch of the other seasons first to prepare for those last episodes and I fell in love with the show again. This is such a good show and I feel like it’s very underrated.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Compared to On My Block, I feel like this is a show EVERYONE has seen haha. It’s possibly my favorite comedy and I’m extremely sad this was the final season. But it was a great season and I’m happy they ended the show before it got a chance to go down hill. I will for sure rewatch this show, so many running jokes and just overall amazingness.


Another very popular show, I’m so glad Netflix saved this and gave us a couple more seasons. I was once again sad this was the last season, but glad we got an actual end. This season had me bawling (I have the photos to prove this unfortunately) but it was also very good. I didn’t predict where the show was going for a second but loved all of it.


Loki is my favorite Marvel character so this was possibly my most anticipated show of the year. I adore this show and these characters. Unfortunately I haven’t seen Spider Man yet because of lockdown but I can’t wait to see how it will all connect in the next Doctor Strange movie. I will definitely rewatch this before getting to that movie so I’ll have all the details in the forefront of my mind.

¿Quién Mató a Sara? / Who Killed Sara

I really enjoy a lot of Spanish/Mexican tv shows and this one did not disappoint. My mom recommended it to me (and bought a leather backpack because of Elisa Lazcano haha) as did a friend. They were so right, I loved this a lot. Luckily we’ll get a third season. There are some awful people in here and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Big Sky

I adore Katheryn Winnick so I started watching this because of her. The show managed to pull me in quickly (and gut punched me not soon after) with an exiting plot and some great actors. I can’t wait for the second season to air on Disney+, hopefully all at once so I won’t have to wait a week in between episodes because that wait definitely killed me this past year haha. A lot of suspense and some good cliffhangers in this one!


Omar Sy <3! I also finally watched Intouchables last week haha. But yes, this was so good. After watching the trailer, I was expecting the whole season to be about that. Imagine my surprise when basically the whole trailer comes to pass in the first episode haha. I adored this show and the characters were great. The actors did an amazing job and I’m happy we’re getting a third season.

Prodigal Son

I still can’t believe they cancelled this show!! This was one of my absolute favorite current shows and I’m still mad that was the actual end. It was an amazing end of the season and I guess it was kinda okay as a series ender but I can only imagine what an amazing story they could’ve told in the next season. If only…. I adore Tom Payne and I can’t wait to see what he does next, same goes for Aurora Perrineau my new favorite actress.

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is my second favorite Marvel character and this was another show that did not disappoint. We got a lot of Marvel content this year and I think they did an awesome job. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite movie or show but this one is definitely up there. These characters have great chemistry and I really enjoyed the plot. I can’t wait to see what will be next for these boys.

Honorable Mentions

9-1-1 Lone Star / Fate: the Winx Saga / Superstore / Elite / Younger

Good Girls / Love, Victor / Snowpiercer / Atypical / Never Have I Ever

 Sex Education / Drive to Survive / Ginny & Georgia / Squid Game / Wandavision

These shows were all very good/enjoyable/funny/interesting/fun etc. Some were very close to the top 15, others I didn’t love the last season as much as I did the earlier seasons. Also; some final seasons weren’t great haha. But I really wanted to mention these shows as I did enjoy watching them over the course of this year!

And that was my round up of favorite tv shows I watched this year. It was a lot, I know haha. Did you watch some of these shows? And what was your favorite show of the year? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Show Sunday | Favorite 2021 TV Shows Part 1

  1. So many great tv-shows. Love, Victor I could never get enough of and Only Murders In The Building really took me by surprice. Lucifer I don´t want to end so I´m saving it and watching it slowly haha. It has been a great tv-series year! 😀

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