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Last year we introduced a new list of favorites; our favorite covers of the year. There are so many amazing covers every year and we wanted to highlight some of them. So we stood for the difficult task to pick ten of the most gorgeous covers of 2021 haha. Let’s take a look!


2021 was filled with many amazing books, but also so many stunning covers! I’m really loving all of the illustrated covers. They really are my favorite. I’ve only read two of the books I chose, but that’s okay, haha. I do plan to read the rest of them. I’m hoping I love them as much as their covers.


This was hard! There were a lot of beautiful covers in 2021 and I feel like I might have missed a couple! But nevertheless, these are the 10 covers I picked. I really like all of these, especially all of the illustrations. The colors are beautiful, I see a lot of details and just the overall vibes are great. These are definitely covers that make me want to take a look at the book and might get me to buy it. I do own several of these books haha.


So these are the 20 covers we really loved in 2021! Yes, there were so many more, but this post would be never ending if we put all the covers we loved here. What were some of your favorite covers? Do you agree with any of our choices? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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