Bookish Item | 2021 Favorite Reads: Graphic Novel & Manga Edition

As we do every year we make lists of our favorite reads! We pick 15 of our favorite reads in a couple of categories. Today’s category is Graphic Novels and Manga. I love reading those, although I haven’t read as many as I would like this year. Nevertheless, I made a list of the best ones I read this year. So lets take a look!

15. Riverdale: The Ties That Bind – Micol Ostow
4 stars

I can’t believe I have a Riverdale book on this list haha. And I have to say I was surprised to see the 4 stars when I looked at my spreadsheet. But after thinking back on it, I do remember actually really enjoying it! So that’s why I had to put it on the list.

14. Delicates – Brenna Thummler
4 stars

I still haven’t read Sheets and maybe I would’ve enjoyed this even more if I had but I think a 4 star read is pretty good. The message was good and I loved the colors that were used.

13. The Apothecary Diaries 1 – Natsu Hyuuga
4 stars

I was expecting a fantasy story with this one so it took me awhile to actually enjoy the story for what it was haha. And that is a historical fiction. Once I got over that fact I did really like it though! I would like to read the next volume in this series.

12. Fangs – Sarah Andersen
4 stars

One of the last books I read this year! It was a very fast read, as there wasn’t much of a plot. I would say it were just a bunch of funny little stories making up an overall story if that makes sense?

11. Fruits Basket collectors edition vol 3 – Natsuki Takaya
4 stars

I really enjoy this story and I hope to continue it this year. My main critique is the fact that I have trouble telling all the characters apart, but that might say more about me than about the book haha.

10. Spy Family 1 – Tatsuya Endo
4 stars

This was such a fun read! I was a bit confused when there was a supernatural element all of a sudden but I ended up enjoying that part a lot. Ever since finishing it, I have been saying I wanted to read the sequels but I haven’t yet haha.

9. Chef’s Kiss –  Jarrett Melendez
4 stars

My last read of the year! This was so cute!! I loved how Ben started to find himself and figured out what he wanted to do. And of course I was very hungry by the end of the book because there are some amazing food illustrations in here.

8. Death Note Black Edition vol. IV – Tsugumi Ohba
4,5 stars 

I have two volumes of Death Note on here. It was hard figuring out which one I liked slightly more but there was 1 character that made the difference for me haha. You might know if you’ve read this books yourself but I feel like it’s a spoiler to mention otherwise.

7. Descender vol. 1: Tin Stars – Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen
4,5 stars

While I didn’t completely loved the art style, I did love the characters. Especially Tim! The ending was shocking and I would love to read the next volume.

6. Death Note Black Edition vol. III – Tsugumi Ohba
4,5 stars

I picked this one as my favorite of the two Death Note volume I read. At first I had to try and remind myself of all that happend in volume II but the book did a great job mentioning the most important details. It immediately had me ordering the rest of the series haha.

5. Check Please vol. 2: Sticks&Scones – Ngozi Ukazu
5 stars

Spoiler alert, both volumes are on this list haha. I loved this webcomic so much and wish there was more of it. As far as I can tell the author didn’t write anything else either, which is such a shame!

4. Quincredible vol. 1: Quest to be the best – Rodney Barnes
5 stars

This graphic novel was such a pleasant surprise! I’m really said not more people are talking about it because I think it was so so good. Before I read this I hadn’t heard of the Catalyst Prime Universe but I am interested now!

3. Check Please vol. 1: #Hockey – Ngozi Ukazu
5 stars

And here is the other volume of Check Please! It was hard deciding which one I liked best but in the end I think I liked the pacing in this one just a little bit more. Overall this webcomic was super cute and really fun.

2. The Tea Dragon Society – Kay O’Neill
5 stars

This book was gorgeous! I loved the cover, loved the art style and loved the world. The story was good but not super special. I do really want to read the next two books in the series though! And I’m still so happy I own this.

1. Heartstopper 4 – Alice Oseman
5 stars

I feel like this has become a tradition haha. Every year we’ve been doing these lists a new Heartstopper volume makes it to the top of my list. And it makes me sad to think my 2022 list will be the last to have a new Heartstopper on it as it will be the final volume. However, I can’t wait for it to be released! This one was great again and I loved how supportive the characters were. And just once again very cute ;).

And those were my 15 favorite graphic novel and manga reads I got to experience in 2021! I was lucky to read so many amazing stories and I can’t wait to find out what 2022 holds for me! Have you read any of these? What did you think of them? Let me know down below!

5 thoughts on “Bookish Item | 2021 Favorite Reads: Graphic Novel & Manga Edition

  1. Check Please is on my list! I read a couple stand-alones and a couple series of graphic novels/manga that I really enjoyed this year. The Promised Neverland was an interesting series, though it tried to cram in a lot of complexity in the last few volumes, which I think muddled things a bit. Currently in the middle of My Hero Academia, which is fantastic. Plus I read and highly recommend the new Teen Titans graphic novel series by Melissa de la Cruz (starts with Raven, then Beast Boy, then Beast Boy Loves Raven). Hope you enjoy this year’s reads!

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