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It’s hard to believe when this post comes online that it’s going to be the last day of the year. 2021 went fast and slow at the same time. Today I want to talk about my January TBR. There are quite a few books I want to fit in next month, so it’ll be interesting to see what I end up reading. So keep on reading to see what I hope to read in January.

Buddy/Group Reads

As usual I’m reading quite a few books for group reads we’re doing with TBR and Beyond. I also know there will be other buddy reads on top of the one I have planned now.

All the Feels – Olivia Dade

Spoiler Alert is one of my favorite books and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the sequel. I was going to read All the Feels sooner, but that didn’t happen. So I put it in the poll for the romance read I host in the TBR and Beyond group and it won! I’ll finally be reading one of my most anticipated reads.

Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan

Girls of Paper and Fire released in 2018 and I planned on reading it during a group read then. If I remember correctly I got sick that month and ended up skipping this one. In the TBR and Beyond group I’m hosting series read where we read series one book at a time. This is the one up next month.

Under the Whispering Door – TJ Klune

Under the Whispering Door is a book I already read a couple of months ago, but will be doing a reread for so we can do a group read. I think this time around I’m going to listen to the audiobook. TJ Klune writes emotional reads and I wonder if I missed any details the first time around.

The Wolf and the Woodsman – Ava Reid

The Wolf and the Woodsman is another group read I’m joining. This book was in my Illumicrate and it sounds amazing. I have a feeling this is going to be a fantasy adventure I won’t forget. It’s based on Hungarian history and Jewish mythology. I’m very curious.

Near the Bone – Christina Henry

Honestly I don’t know if I’ll end up reading Near the Bone. I’m not a big horror fan, but I’ve curious about Christina Henry. I read the synopsis and I’m still on the fence. Maybe I’ll give it a go if I have time between my other reads.

House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J Maas

I basically got sucked up into the world of House of Earth and Blood. The next book is releasing in February. I read this one in 2020, so it’s time for a reread to get ready for the next installment. I remember a lot, but I don’t think it’s enough to start the second book.


Netgalley/Edelweiss ARCs

There are a few e-arcs releasing this month I get on Edelweiss that I’m really excited about. So those are definitely hopefuls. Also, as I talked about in my reading goals I really want to make sure I get a hold on my Netgalley e-arcs. So there will be a few of those as well!

Weather Girl – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Weather Girl has been talked about in two other posts this week, so I’m not going to say much, haha. This is definitely a romantic comedy I’m looking forward to and a great read to start off 2022 with.

The Roughest Draft – Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Another book I’ve talked about a few times this week, but I’m also really excited about. I love books about other books and our main characters are authors so that’s even more interesting. I’m curious to see how they work together when they’re not seeing eye to eye.

A Killer Sundae – Abby Collette

After reading a cozy mystery recently I have to say it’s a genre I hope to read more of soon. A Killer Sundae seems like a great book to start with. This is the third book in this particular series, but if I’m correct they can be read as standalones. I have gotten the e-books for the first two. So I may try and read those as well.

The Beast and the Bethany: Revenge of the Beast – Jack Meggitt-Phillips

The Beast and the Bethany was a cute middle grade read that I read in one sitting. I recently learned there is a sequel and signed up for the book tour. I’m hoping that this book is  just as fun if not better than the first one.

Where the Drowned Girls Go – Seanan McGuire

The Wayward Children series is such a magical series and I’m always impressed the author can fit so much into stories that are less than 200 pages. I was so excited to get an e-arc of Where the Drowned Girls Go. This will probably be one of my first reads of next year.


Other Books on my TBR

Besides the books I’ve mentioned there are books on my own TBR that I really hope and want to read really soon. Here are a few for this month!

Across the Green Grass Fields – Seanan McGuire

I just talked about Where the Drowned Girls Go, but before I read that one I need to read the previous book in the series. I tried the audiobook when it first released, but the narrator just didn’t work for me. So I got the e-book and I’m sure this will be a fast read.

Aurora’s End – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Aurora’s End is the third and final book in The Aurora Cycle trilogy. The ending of the second book was such a cliffhanger that I need to know how all the characters I’ve come to love are doing. Even though this is the last book I don’t expect a happily ever after for all of them. I know these authors too well for that, haha.

The Crown of Gilded Bones – Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Crown of Gilded Bones is the third book in the Blood and Ash series. I did start this book and got pretty far, but it’s been a while. I’m going to start again. I got A Shadow in the Ember for Christmas, but need to read this first.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It – Elle Cosimano

Finlay Donovan is Killing It is a book I had hoped to read before the end of the year, but it just didn’t happen. This book has been all over the place and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. The sequel releases in February, so I need to read this next month.

Hate – Tate James

Reverse Harems are a big thing in romance land right now and I’ve been curious. Tate James is an author I hear nothing but amazing things about and she’s one of the authors I really want to give a go in 2022. So why not start off right at the beginning of the year?!?


Okay, so I never know if I’ll completely stick to this TBR, but I’m going to give it a go! Have you read any of these? Let me know if you have, I’d love to hear what you think. What are you going to read in January?

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