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It’s two days until Christmas (even though this is still really hard to believe), so I had to take the opportunity and do one more Christmas related book tag. I saw the Christmas Character Book Tag on And On She Reads‘ blog and decided to tag myself. This tag was created by Keep Reading Forward. Let’s check it out!

Santa Claus
A Gift You Received or Want This Year

I’m honestly happy with anything I receive. I’m always thankful to see presents under the tree. I’ve added some books to my list as well as a new Kindle case and popsocket for my Kindle. It’ll be fun to see what I find this year.

Mrs. Claus
A Favorite Holiday Treat to Have Every Year

Every holiday season hot cocoa is a must. As well as Christmas cookies. There’s a certain type of cookie only in stores around Christmas. So I end up stocking up on those, haha. I love all the little holiday treats. They always look so pretty.

Ghost of Christmas Past
A Holiday Memory From Your Past

Every Christmas has honestly been special to me. I just love being able to spend time with the family, the tree in the house and the cozy feeling. I’ve been very lucky to have the holidays with my family.

Buddy the Elf
A Holiday Song You Like to Sing Each Holiday Season

My mother’s favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bell Rock and it’s always stuck with me. When I hear it I can’t help but dance and sing along. It always makes me happy. Then again all Christmas music makes me happy, haha.

Misfit Toys
An Unpopular Toy You Really Wanted to Get One Year

I don’t think there was ever an unpopular toy that I really wanted. As a child I was happier with the boxes and bags the presents came in than the gift itself. I was a weird child, haha.

A Moment When Your Heart Grew Three Sizes

My boyfriend and I have our anniversary on Christmas. A couple years in he started a tradition getting me a rose for every year we’re together every year. Unfortunately, we had to stop that tradition. We have two cats that eat and destroy everything and I thought it was a waste to only see the bouquet upstairs, haha.

Jack Frost
A Tradition You Like to Do Every Winter

Every winter I make it a habit to watch all of my favorite Christmas movies. It always makes me very happy. And I’m a bit extreme I start before winter starts, haha.

Hero Boy
A Moment You Believed in a Holiday Wish/Miracle

I honestly believe in Christmas miracles just by being able to spend the holidays with my family and loved ones every year. It’s not something I take for granted. I know I’m very fortunate to be able to do that.

Cindy Lou Who
A Favorite Holiday Tradition

My favorite holiday tradition has to be decorating the tree. It’s fun putting on the lights and ornaments. I love the scent and coziness it brings when we finally get one. When we have the tree I love dimming the rest of the lights and sit near the tree and read.

Frosty the Snowman
A memory involving snow or a memory you would like to have involving snow

I honestly would love to have another white Christmas. It’s been so long since we had snow on the holiday. We used to have a lot more white holidays. I miss it, because it makes Christmas extra special. Being warm inside by the tree while looking out to the white layer outside.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
A Holiday Activity You Like Doing

Wrapping gifts! I’m not good at it at all, but I always enjoy getting cute wrapping paper and wrapping everything with Christmas music on in the background.

Ebeneezer Scrooge
“Bah, Humbug!” A Favorite Holiday Saying or Quote

One of my favorites is from The Polar Express: “Just remember the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart”.


So that’s the Christmas Character Book Tag. Feel free to tag yourselves if you want to join in. I’d love to see your answers if you do! What are some of your favorite holiday activities? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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