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The Love Hypothesis was one of the books I bought in Paris. And the one I read there right away. I adore Laura Steven as a person and loved her book The Exact Opposite of Okay. So of course I wanted to read The Love Hypothesis as well. And today I want to share my thoughts on this story with you all. So let’s jump in!

An LGBT romantic comedy with a twist from the Comedy Women in Print prize winner Laura Steven, author of The Exact Opposite of Okay. A hilarious love story with bite, for fans of Sex Education, Booksmart, Becky Albertalli’s Love, Simon and Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Physics genius Caro Kerber-Murphy knows she’s smart. With straight As and a college scholarship already in the bag, she’s meeting her two dads’ colossal expectations and then some. But there’s one test she’s never quite been able to ace: love. And when, in a particularly desperate moment, Caro discovers a (definitely questionable) scientific breakthrough that promises to make you irresistible to everyone around you, she wonders if this could be the key.

What happens next will change everything Caro thought she knew about chemistry – in the lab and in love. Is hot guy Haruki with her of his own free will? Are her feelings for her best friend some sort of side-effect? Will her dog, Sirius, ever stop humping her leg?


I really enjoy this cover. The colors are right up my alley, this is one of my favorite colors! And the rainbow colors are always a good idea. They also represent an important part of the story and I really appreciate details like that. The cover is pretty simple, but I like it a lot.


We follow Caro, who thinks she’s unattractive and wants to change that. She has a big crush on Haruki and is a bit jealous of her (in her eyes) gorgeous friends. Caro finds a scientific paper that promises to make you attractive, or actually irresistible, to the people around you.

I absolutely flew through this book. The only reason I put it down was because I was so tired of walking around Paris all day. If I had the time (and energy) I would’ve finished the book in one sitting! This was definitely a Laura Steven book, I laughed out loud a lot. Laura has a wonderful writing style and I immediately fell in love with it again. As I said, the book was quite funny and overall just a really pleasant read.

Yes, this book was somewhat predictable. I knew what was going to happen and wasn’t really surprised by any of the storylines. But I’m okay with that in these kind of books. For me it’s important that I enjoy reading about the characters and that the writing style is my cup of tea. And both of those things were true for The Love Hypothesis.

I enjoyed reading from Cora’s perspective. She was definitely flawed and I wanted to scream at her a couple of times. But she also grows and I just really appreciate her. She wasn’t super relatable to me but there were some parts of her I could see myself in. I also loved her friends.

Laura writes really funny books but she also talks about important topics. And in this book I would say consent was definitely the main topic that was woven into the story. I really appreciate the way Laura goes about talking about certain topics. She always manages to make me think critically. I would highly recommend this story, especially if you want a cute and fun read.

And that was my review for The Love Hypothesis! Have you read this one? Or do you plan on reading it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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