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Today I have a pretty small tag for you all. I came across this Grisha tag, and even though it’s basically a mini tag I couldn’t resist. As you hopefully know I love all things Grisha so I just had to go for it haha. I got this tag from the original creator Lauren from Laurensbookshelf. Let’s jump in!

1: Would You Rather live in Ketterdam or Os Alta?

Ketterdam! Possibly because it’s where the Crows are. But also because it’s based on Amsterdam and as a Dutchie I just have to pick the place that’s based on us haha.

2: What’s a book even Kaz Brekker would love?

This is a hard question! But also a lot of fun to think about. While I haven’t read it yet, I think Kaz would appreciate The Lies of Locke Lamora. I think he would relate to Locke and would enjoy picking apart their heist haha.

3: Which popular book boyfriend could take The Darkling in a fight?

Azriel! I feel like they both work in the shadows but I think Azriel would definitely be able to take on the Darkling and end up victorious.

4: Who is your favorite Grisha character?

This is HARD! But at the same time I think I would say Sturmhund right away. I adore him so much and wish all the best for him. He is very versatile and I love the fact that he’s shown up in all three series.

5: Spinoffs; the Grishaverse has lots of books and series. What’s a bookish world you wish had more books set in it?

A world I wanted more books set in was Shades of Magic and luckily we are getting more books! I can’t wait for the next series in that world especially since we are following some of the same characters and I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them.

6: What’s your favorite book to screen adaption?

The Hunger Games. I loved the books and think they did an amazing job translating it to the big screen. Yes, they left out some things I would’ve loved to see. But I also really love what they did add in the third book and just think they did really well over all.

Short but sweet today! These are my answers. Which book would you think Kaz would enjoy reading? And in what bookish world do you want more books? Let me know in the comments!

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