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I’ve been saying it for the last few months, but 2021 really is flying by! When this comes online we’ll be nearing November, so it’s time to see what I want to read. I hope to participate in Netgalley November and to make it easier on myself I’ll be mostly mood reading. There are definitely a few books I know for sure that I’ll be reading, so I’m going to talk about those today! Keep on reading to find out more about my November TBR.

Buddy/Group Reads

As usual I have plenty of buddy and group reads going. These are a few of the November ones I already know about. I know there will be a few more added before the month is over!

Duke, Actually – Jenny Holiday

Our main characters have both sworn off love and hope to use a friendship as a distraction. Except we all know that they’re going to get close and feelings may change. From what I can tell it takes place around the holidays and I love those kind of books. I’m hoping to love it!

The Night She Disappeared – Lisa Jewell

Thrillers are a new genre to me and I’ve been enjoying them a lot. More than I expected to be honest, so I’m loving being in a book club that reads a thriller each month. November’s pick is The Night She Disappeared. A cold case, an abandoned mansion, family trauma, and dark secrets. Those all sound like the perfect elements for a good thriller.

Defy the Night – Brigid Kemmerer

Brigid Kemmerer is an author I’ve read before (contemporary and fantasy) and I’ve enjoyed her writing. Defy the Night is the first book in a new series and it sounds amazing. I love books with royalty, politics, and betrayal. So I’m hoping to love this one as much as I think I will.

Caraval – Stephanie Garber

Okay, so I read Caraval four years ago and didn’t get the whole hype around it. I’m thinking my expectations were too high. Also, we just got our tiny kittens that needed a lot of attention (we still had to bottle feed them). So my concentration wasn’t that great either. A book club I’m in is going to start reading this trilogy together, so I’m going to give it another go and actually read the second and third book as well.

Vespertine – Margaret Rogerson

I’ve actually already started reading this one and I’m hoping to finish it this month, but in case I don’t Vespertine will be one I finish in November for the discussion. I’m loving the dark atmosphere and our main character is an interesting one. I can’t wait to continue.

White Smoke – Tiffany D. Jackson

Tiffany D. Jackson is an author I’ve been wanting to read something from ever since I heard about her books. White Smoke seems like the perfect one to read during this dark and cold season. It’s described as a psychological thriller with a modern day take on the haunted house story. I’m a scaredy cat, but this sounds good.

Portrait of a Scotsman – Evie Dunmore

I loved the first two books in the A League of Extraordinary Women. Since I read those I’ve been looking forward to Hattie’s story. She’s been a fun side character, but I was really hoping the author would give her a full book.


I know this is a smaller TBR than you’re used to from me, but I’m determined to get a lot of Netgalley books done. I’ll be reviewing them all, so keep an eye out for those next month. Have you already thought of what you want to read in November? I’d love to hear about the books you want to read!

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  1. Ah! This is the first blog post of yours that I’ve read, and I’m extremely happy that it’s a TBR! I love seeing what others plan on reading 😛

    Happy reading!

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