Looking Back at Our Bookhauls | September 2020

It’s that time of month to do our scariest post of the month: Looking Back at Our Bookhauls. We want to keep ourselves accountable and read what we add to our shelves. Today’s post is looking back at our September 2020 bookhaul. What have we read already? If we’ve read anything at all, haha. Keep on reading to find out!


September 2020 was a good month of books for me. I added 11 books to my shelves (out of the 11 I received 1 from the author and 4 from Isabelle for our blog birthday boxes). I have to say I did better than I expected! Let’s see what I’ve read so far.

The Wolf and the Water – Josie Jaffrey

I’m definitely mad at myself for not reading this one yet. I received a copy from the author, but I remember last October is when I started getting overwhelmed with reviewing and took a step back. I will get to this one though. A book based of Atlantis is still something I really want to read.

The Red Scrolls of Magic & The Lost Book of the White – Cassandra Clare

The status of these two books is the same as when I bought them last year. I’ve read The Red Scrolls of Magic, but haven’t read the sequel yet. I listened to the audiobook when I read the first book, so I may do a reread before reading The Lost Book of the White.

You Had Me at Hola – Alexis Daria

I still love the cover of this book and the story was a lot of fun! The characters and story line were really interesting. A Lot Like Adios (the sequel) released last month and I hope to read it soon.

Beastly Bones – William Ritter

Since buying this book I’ve finished the whole Jackaby series and it was a lot of fun. I really don’t understand why these books don’t get more attention. They’re the perfect autumn reads. The author left the ending pretty open, so I hope we eventually get more books in this world.

The Bone Garden – Heather Kassner

Like I mentioned in the haul post I was planning on reading The Bone Garden for a readalong and I did. This is definitely the perfect Halloween read and quite spooky. I also still love this cover.

Furyborn – Claire Legend

I remember seeing this book everywhere when it first released. Furyborn got a lot of mixed reviews, but I ended up really enjoying it. It took me a little bit to really understand the world, but once I did I flew through this story.

Nana Vol. 1 – Ai Yazawa

I ended up watching part of the anime of Nana with my boyfriend (quite some time ago) and loved it. So I thought it was awesome when I got the first volume of the manga in my blog box. I only recently read it, but I know I’ll definitely be collecting more volumes.

Scared Little Rabbits – A.V. Geiger

Another recent read, but one I was really curious about. Unfortunately Scared Little Rabbits really disappointed me. The thriller elements I was expecting didn’t make an appearance until the end of the book and it was disappointing that the main character was obsessed with a boy the whole entire time she was at hear dream summer program.

Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales – Anna James

Pages & Co is a series that I’ve been really curious about and one that I keep wondering just why I haven’t picked it up yet. I have the first two books and a character that wanders the pages of her favorite books sounds like perfect kind of story for a day curled up reading.

Not Like the Movies – Kerry Winfrey

I still haven’t heard much about Not Like the Movies or the first book, Waiting for Tom Hanks. They both sound like books I’ll love and read through quickly. These seem like feel good books and we all need those at times.

End Result:
Read: 7/11 -63.6 %
TBR: 4/11 – 36.4%



Last year in September I added 4 books to my TBR, 2 graphic novels and 2 novels. I got all of them from Candyce for our blog birthday. Those boxes are always so much fun to make <3. And now the question is wether I read them haha. Let’s take a look.

Fence vol. 4: Rivals – C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad & Joana Lafuente

I adore this graphic novel series so much so I was very happy to receive it. Pretty soon after getting it, I read it. This was one I just couldn’t leave unread haha. I adored this volume and I cannot wait until we get a new one. Maybe I should read the novel but I just really want another volume of the graphic novel.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vol. 2: Once Bitten – Jordie Bellaire, David López, Sas Milledge, & Raùl Angulo

I loved the first volume of Buffy a lot so I was super excited to read this one. While I did read it, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. Maybe my expectations were to high but this wasn’t a favourite of mine and I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the series.

Raybearer – Jordan Ifueko

Unfortunately I haven’t read this one yet. I’m sure I will love this one as it gets raving reviews. It also sounds like it’s something I enjoy a lot and I has a gorgeous cover. I hope to read it soon, it is on my TBR pile in my flat and not with my parents so that’s a good sign haha.

The Library of the Unwritten – A.J. Hackwith

Candyce and I buddyread this one not too long ago. It was a very enjoyable read! I loved this world and we got great characters. There is a sequel already and I want to read that one soon as well.

End Result:
Read: 3/4 – 75%
TBR: 1/4 – 25%

That was our looking back post! We both did pretty good. Have you read any of our unread books? Which one should we pick up first? Let us know in the comments!

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