Wrap Up| September 2021

Yesterday we talked about the books we added to our shelves, so today is time for our September wrap up. What books did we read? What were our favorites? How did our reading go last month? Keep on reading to find out more!


September just wasn’t my month reading wise. I even had my first DNF of the year! The month started off really slow and I was just struggling to stay concentrated on one book. Thankfully that didn’t slowly decrease during the month and I was able to read a total of 12 books and 1 DNF (3 e-books, 3 audiobooks, 2 paperbacks, 1 graphic novel, and 1 manga). I’m hoping October turns out better. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Girl in the Tower – Katherine Arden

The Girl in the Tower is the sequel to The Bear and the Nightingale. I love the lyrical writing that makes this world really come alive. That being said the story is also really slow. Not much really happens until like the last 50 pages? I’m still really curious how this is going to all wrap up in the third book.

Scared Little Rabbits – A.V. Geiger

Scared Little Rabbits is a book that’s been staring at me for quite some time when I walk past my bookshelf, haha. This author wrote the Follow Me Back duology that I loved. Unfortunately, this one was rather disappointing. Nothing thrilling really happened until after 200 pages and I hated that the main character was so focused on a boy when she was at her dream program for the summer.

Nana Vol. 1 – Ai Yazawa

Manga is something I’ve wanted to try for quite some time and I’ve had this on my shelf for about a year. Nana is also an anime I started watching with my boyfriend ages ago (and we still need to finish…oops) and Isabelle got me the first volume of the manga. After getting used to reading differently I loved this story. I definitely plan on getting the next volumes.

Beach Read – Emily Henry

Beach Read is a book I’ve wanted to read for quite some time! I finally read it for the swoonalong I host every month for TBR and Beyond on Facebook. After reading the synopsis and such I was expecting a light and fluffy book. That wasn’t the case! Beach Read deals with some heavier subjects, but was really good. I’ll definitely be reading more by Emily Henry.

That Weekend – Kara Thomas

Kara Thomas is an author I’ve really come to enjoy and she writes entertaining thrillers. That Weekend was one I was really looking forward to and once I picked it up I couldn’t stop reading. I really had no clue where it was going to go. This was an enjoyable read, but I’m still not sure how to feel about the ending.

A Christmas Wedding in the Costwolds – Lucy Coleman

When you read this title it’s not weird to expect sometime of Christmassy book right? That’s what a friend and I were thinking when we decided to give this one a go. A Christmas Wedding in the Costwolds is my first DNF of the year. Almost halfway through the book it was still taking place during the summer and I just couldn’t connect with the characters.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas – Jenny Bayliss

I actually received this e-arc last year and I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner. The Twelve Dates of Christmas was the perfect book to start off my Christmassy reads with. I loved Kate and all of the dates she went on were quite entertaining. I would definitely recommend reading this one to get in the holiday spirit.

A Mistletoe Miracle – Emma Jackson

Our main character is getting over a break up and has moved back home to her mother’s hotel. Beth is working there while trying to figure out what she wants to do. Things take an unexpected turn when her mother has to go to her grandfather who fell and then gets snowed in. These events take place right before Christmas and definitely has twists and turns here and there. If you’re looking for a cute romance, holiday fun, an anonymous hotel reviewer, a kitchen fire, and a romantic gesture that involves climbing in trees I suggest reading A Mistletoe Miracle.

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry – Joya Goffney

I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook for Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry. I can’t imagine what it’s like when your list of goals and also fears is taken from you and you’re blackmailed into doing these things. This isn’t easy for our main character. The character development in this book is amazing and I enjoyed a lot of the side characters.

Spoiler Alert – Olivia Dade

This was my first re-read of the month and Spoiler Alert ended up being just as good as the first time I read it. I wanted to get ready for the release of All the Feels next month and decided to grab the audio this time around. I loved everything about this: the romance, the main characters, the fandoms, and fan-fiction involved.

Where I Belong – J. Daniels

The Alabama Summer series is one I started reading the year Isabelle and I started the blog. This made J. Daniels become one of my favorite authors and I wanted to read them again. So I decided to get the audio of the book Where I Belong. I loved it again and there were definitely some details I forgot (especially how steamy this one actually gets…).

Barb the Last Berzeker – Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson

Barb the Last Berzerker is a cute graphic novel for the younger side of middle grade. Our main character goes on an adventure and learns that not everything is as it seems. The illustrations are colorful and the story is fast-paced.

Clueless: Senior Year – Amber Benson & Sarah Kuhn

Clueless is one of my favorite movies, so when I saw this graphic novel on Scribd I had to give it a go. It was fun seeing all of the characters I loved in the movie, but it didn’t wow me. I liked seeing their senior year and it was just a fast and fun read.

Favorite Book:
The Twelve Dates of Christmas
Least Favorite:
Scared Little Rabbits/ A Christmas Wedding in the Costolds
Most Surprising:
Beach Read



Well this was a disappointment… I think this was my worst reading month in years…. While I was super busy I did read a little bit here and there. But I only managed to finish 1 book. 1! Isn’t that sad? Well, hopefully October will be better.

All of Us Villains – Amanda Foody & Christina Lynn Herman

All of Us Villains was one of my most anticipated releases and I’m so happy I got to read this eARC. While it wasn’t completely what I was expecting, I did enjoy the story and the characters a lot and I’m looking forward to the sequel. The ending definitely left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Favorite Book:
All of Us Villains
Least Favorite:

Most Surprising: 

So that’s what we read in September? Have you read any of the books we have? We’d love to hear what you thought if you have. What were your favorite reads of the month? Let us know in the comments!

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