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We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is Fictional Crushes. And oh my, do I have some haha. Before we start I want to clarify something. A couple of these characters are underage. When I read and fell in love with them I was a lot younger! While I still love reading about these characters, I don’t actually have a crush on them, as that would be weird. It’s more like I wish I had a guy like that when I was growing up if that makes sense? I do love talking about them so all that’s left to say is, let’s jump in!

1.Peter Kavinsky

I adore Peter K. He was one of my first fictional crushes and I was so nervous when the books were going to be Netflix movies. Who would play Peter and would they live up to my expectations? I was so happy with the casting of Noah! He did an amazing job and really brought Peter to life.

2. Dorian Havilliard

So much has already been said about the Throne of Glass series and while it’s far from perfect I love it a lot. I loved anticipating the next release and was especially excited to find out what would happen to my favorite; Dorian. He did not have an easy arc but I really enjoyed it and was happy with where his story ended. Dorian is such a kind hearted person and I just love him!

3. Nikolai Lantsov

Our favorite privateer! Nikolai might be my favorite Grishaverse character, but I think he’ll at least be in the top 3. He has some of the best quotes and I love how he genuinely wants the best for his country. I’m excited but also scared for his casting in Shadow & Bone. The first season was amazing and I have high hopes for the rest but Nikolai is essential so I really hope they do him justice.

4. Kell Maresh

I’m not sure who I love more; Kell or his peculiar coat ;). Kell is such a wonderful character, he’s very well rounded and definitely has his flaws. I’m so happy Victoria has started writing the spin-off story and I can’t wait to dive into this universe again. It has been awhile and I definitely have missed Kell and the rest of the gang.

5. Gansey

The Raven Boys is one of my favorite series and it was so hard choosing just one character. Ronan is another favorite but I had to go with Gansey. He really draws people to him, even through the paper. I love reading about him and wished him all the happiness in the world.

6. Kaz Brekker

I debated choosing only one Grishaverse character but since I’ve read 3 series in this world I figured I was allowed to pick two haha. Kaz was an instant favorite and bookish crush. He has trauma, is very morally grey and is also a genius. What’s not to love ;).

7. Merik Nihar

Thinking about Merik makes me want to dive back into The Witchlands. I really enjoyed that series and Merik was definitely one of my favorite characters. Another one with trauma (and not the last to come…) but one with a very good heart in my opinion.

8. Peeta Mellark

One of my first crushes! I remember reading the first Hunger Games book and not even realising there were people in team Gale because in my mind there was only one team; Peeta. The book was brutal and I was scared to read the rest of the books at first, and my heart was definitely broken later one. I hated what Peeta had to go through but I also love where he ended up. He owns my heart!

9. Finnick Odair

Oh Finnick! You really broke my heart. I adored him so much, basically from the moment we met him. And I wished him all the love in the world, but in the end he simply broke my heart. Recently I rewatched all the Hunger Games movies and I was close to not finishing the last one because I didn’t want to watch that heartbreak play out on my screen again. In the end I did finish it but I also bawled my eyes out, just like the first time I read the book.

10. Azriel

When everyone was talking about Rhys, all I could think about was Azriel! I feel like I might have a type haha. While I haven’t read A Court of Silver Flames yet, I do want to continue as I am still waiting for Az’ book. He deserves all the happiness and it’s been time for him to get it for a while now.

And that’s my list with 10 bookish crushes! Do we have any in common? Who’s your bookish crush? Let me know down below!

9 thoughts on “TTT #200 | Fictional Crushes

  1. I’ve only recently (the last few years) read the Hunger Games books (and seen the movies) but I really liked Finnick, and Peeta too. Great characters! :):)

  2. I will never be over Finnick Odair! And Noah made a great movie Peter K–he made him even more charming than the book version! Great list 🙂

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