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I used to be a big Gossip Girl fan and watched the new episodes as soon as they came out. Before the show or when it just started I even read a couple of the books it was based on (not similar at all though haha). So of course I was intrigued when it was announced that there would be a new Gossip Girl show. I watched the first episode and wanted to share my thoughts about it. Let’s jump in!

Revival of the TV series centering on a new generation of New York private school teens using social media to spread gossip.

By the time you’re reading this there will be three episodes out, when I’m writing this I’ve only seen the first one though. In the 2021 show we follow new characters at the same school, although boys and girls are no longer separated into two schools. There will be 10 episodes and a new Gossip Girl.

In this first episode the new characters are established, I really enjoyed the diversity and I’m excited for the storylines. Of course there was already a lot of drama and gorgeous fashion. This time around we also follow some teachers.


Where the big mystery in the original show was all about Gossip Girl identity, this time around we know who it is right away. And while it all very messed up, I LOVED it. I’ve read quite some negative reactions to that part of the show, and I definitely see that it is very wrong, but I just thought it was hilarious.

Overall I was actually really pleasantly surprised. No it’s not the original, but if you keep comparing it will never live up because we’ve loved those characters for 6 seasons. And they were toxic and problematic as well ;). This revival started off interesting, with characters I want to know more about. I will definitely watch the next couple of episodes and hope it will live up to my expectations!

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