Bookish Item| Reading Goals 2021 Mid Year Update Part Two

As usual, Isabelle and I set up some reading goals ever year. We’re over halfway through the year, so it’s time for a mid year reading goals update. Isabelle posted her update last week, so it’s my turn now! Earlier this year I did a little update, so let’s see how I’ve gotten on since then.

Goodreads (200 books)

Goodreads is one goal I’m normally able to reach, so I never worry about this one too much. At the moment I’ve read 112 books and am 6 books ahead of schedule. I’m not as far as I was last year, but I’m still very pleased with how my reading is going!

Netgalley Feedback Ratio 80%

I almost don’t dare to talk about this one, haha. When I wrote my last update I had a feedback ratio of 44%. At the moment I’m at 41%, so I’m going the opposite way. 43 books have been added to my Netgalley shelf since then. Oops! I am now in a group on Instagram to read at least 5 books a month from Netgalley. To read my 80% before the end of the year I need to read 126 books. I don’t think I’ll make it this year, but I’m going to try!

Physical TBR/Backlist Books (50 books)

This year I’ve been really proud of myself for how many physical books I’ve been reading. So far I’ve read 24 backlist books. We’re halfway through the year, so I’m actually on schedule this year. It’s the first time since we’ve been setting up goals for the blog that I’ve gotten so far. I’m hoping to continue with this the rest of the year.

ARCs (less ARCs, more own books)

A couple of years ago 50% of my books for that year were ARCs (if not more). Even though I love supporting new authors my own books were getting neglected. I also noticed that reading was becoming a chore, so I decided to let myself read more of my own books and ARCs when I felt like it. In April 25,5% of books read were ARCs. At the moment it’s 24,1%, so I’m definitely keeping that goal going!

Re-Reading (12 Books)

I’ve noticed that I really enjoy re-reading books, but I tend to feel guilty when I do with all of the unread books I have on my shelves. To make it easier to re-read books I actually made it a goal to re-read at least 12 books this year. At the moment I’ve re-read 11 books, so I’m definitely on track.

Series (Finish 12 Books)

I think besides Netgalley this is the other goal I thought I was really failing at, haha. When I updated in April I hadn’t finished one series. Since then I’ve finished 6 series and 5 out of 6 were started before 2021, so in the end I’m actually on track. It does help that I only need to read one book to be able to finish quite a few series.


So all in all I’m really happy with where I am at the moment. I’m not really the type of reader that puts a lot of pressure on these goals, but it’s fun to see how far I get. Do you have any reading goals this year? How are you doing?

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  1. Woops! I have to say your Netgalley goal makes me feel a lot better about mine. I don’t have anywhere near that many books to read so I actually feel like if I got down to it I could easily make the 80% I just have to stop myself requesting new books!

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