Bookish Item | Mid Year Book Awards 2021 Part Two

Last week Candyce shared her part of the Mid Year Book Awards. It’s a bit like the Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag but we came up with our own prompts/questions. We enjoyed coming up with these questions and we hope you’ll enjoy our answers. Let’s jump in!

Top 3 Books So Far

This is a hard one! I’ve read some amazing books this year. If I had to choose now (and I guess I do haha) this is my top 3:

A Deadly Education – Naomi Novik
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – V.E. Schwab
Rule of Wolves – Leigh Bardugo

Favorite New Author

After reading Eva Evergreen I think I can count Julie Abe as a new favorite. I loved the book and I can’t wait to read the next book. There are also some really cool books announced and I can’t wait to see what Julie does next.

Biggest Disappointment

Even though I gave this book 3,5 stars, it was still a disappointment. All the other books in this series were about 4,5 or 5 star reads so 3,5 stars is definitely a disappointment. I was expecting to love this book, especially with this new world being an equine one. Unfortunately this book just wasn’t working as I hoped it would. It was still enjoyable, just not as good as I hoped.

Book That Surprised Me Most

After seeing raving review after raving review I decided to pick up The House in the Cerulean Sea. While I hoped I would enjoy it, I didn’t expect to actually love it to be honest. There was just so. much. hype. But, it turned out that the book was worth the hype haha, I loved it!

New to Me Author That Makes Me Want to Read Their Whole Backlog

I read Perfect on Paper earlier this year and absolutely loved this book by Sophie Gonzalez. After that I was also lucky enough to get an eARC for If This Gets Out. I think that will be another amazing read. In the mean time I would also love to read Sophie’s backlog. While I don’t read that much contemporary, I did really enjoy Sophie’s writing and will definitely read more of her.

Most Unputdownable Book

I could not put A Deadly Education down. It was so good! I enjoyed the world, this setting was brutal. And the characters were very interesting. I loved the plot and the ending was shocking. The next book comes out soon and I hope I’ll love it just as much.

Backlist Book I Should’ve Read Sooner

Warbreaker! I finally got back to reading my Brandon Sanderson books and I adored this one a lot. These books are big and not super easy to get through. But I really liked the story and the characters and I can’t wait to read the next book in this universe.

Book I Think Needs More Love

The first book that came to mind was One to Watch. I recently finished reading this one and I think it was great. In the end I gave this a 4 star rating. I really liked the plot, the format and the characters. This book definitely deserves more love.

Anticipated Release That Lived Up to My Expectations

One of my most anticipated reads of the first half of 2021 was Bridge of Souls. And it was just as good as I hoped it would be! I adored this series and I’m so happy to have read it. While I did wish this was more than a trilogy it was pretty amazing. I would highly recommend these books <3

This was a lot of fun to do! I’ve read quite some books already and there are some amazing reads in there. What were your favorite 3 books so far? And your biggest disappointment? Let me know down below!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Mid Year Book Awards 2021 Part Two

  1. I felt the same way about Cerulean Sea – it was SO hyped. but honestly, it stood up! Also, Addie LaRue was totally not what I expected, but I ended up really enjoying it too – totally got into Addie and Luc.

  2. I’ve owned Deadly Education for a while. I saw there was a sequel and cannot believe I haven’t even read the first book yet. I really need to read it!

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