Show Sunday | Currently Watching #2

A little while I introduced Currently Watching. Sometimes I’m not watching anything I can talk about right away but there are a couple of shows I’m into and want to share some of my thoughts about. So in Currently Watching I’ll be talking about a couple of the shows I’m currently into. Let’s jump in!

El desorden que dejas
Current season: 1 (ended)
Still need to watch: 6 episodes

I recently shared a list of Spanish shows I wanted to watch. The first show on the list I finished in no time at all. So I started watching the next show on my list. And it started off really good. I enjoy the episodes I saw so far and definitely plan on continuing. It’s also a pretty short series with only 8 episodes in total.

The Bold Type
Current season: 5 (ended)
Still need to watch: 8 episodes

I used to watch this show every week. And I loved it so much. But I some point I stopped watching it every week and I fell behind. Recently I started watching it again, the last season just finished and I wanted to catch up as soon as possible. I just have a couple more episodes to go but I started to slow down a but. This is going to be very bittersweet and I’m honestly a bit scared for the ending haha.

Teen Wolf (rewatch)
Current season: 6 (ended)
Still need to watch: 95

I love Teen Wolf so much, its one of my ultimate favorites. Recently I came across some interviews and it made me want to rewatch the show. I watched the first 5 episodes in quick succession and I can’t wait to continue. Season 3 is my favorite one by far and I just know it’s going to be great once again.

One Tree Hill (rewatch)
Current season: 9 (ended)
Still need to watch: 176

I started listening to the Drama Queens podcast with Sophia, Hilarie and Bethany Joy. These leading ladies are amazing and they go through every episode. They just covered the first two episodes and I thought it would be fun to watch along. I did already watch the first 11 episodes, because it’s just so hard watching one episode a week haha. The podcast is amazing and I love revisiting this top 3 show of mine.

Those are a couple of the tv shows I’m currently watching. I love my rewatches and I really like the ‘current’ shows I’m watching. We should call it recently ended show but they do feel really current to me. Have you watched any of these shows? And did you like them? Let me know in the comments down below!

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