Fangirl Friday | Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Recently #2

Not a super long post today, but one about a couple more podcasts I’ve been listening to recently. They’re both really new so there aren’t that many episodes yet but I can’t wait for more! Let’s dive in.

Drama Queens

As you might know I adore One Tree Hill. It’s one of my top 3 favorite shows ever and I love these ladies. Sophia, Hilarie and Bethany are amazing women and I love following them online. They recently started this podcast and will be rewatching the show and talk about everything connected to it. I rewatched the first 3 episodes of the show right away and it was so good!

So far there’s only one episode of the podcast but there will be a new one every week. I will definitely be listening to the new episodes as soon as they come out. The first episode was so much fun and I loved listening to it so much.

International Infamy with Ashley Flowers

I listen(ed) to multiple Ashley Flowers podcasts. She has such an addictive voice and talks about topics I’m very interested in. This newest podcast is super interesting and talks about big crime cases all over the world. To me this is extra exciting as we usually talk about US cases.

Currently there are 2 episodes out and there will be a new one every Tuesday. In total there will be 15 countries. I can’t wait to find out which countries (and which crimes) Ashley will be talking about. The first two were insane and I’m sure the rest will be great as well!

So these are two of the newest podcasts I have been listening to. I really love them, even though I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes. But these might be two new favorites! Have you discovered these yet? Or any other podcasts you’d like to recommend? Let me know down below!

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