Show Sunday | Upcoming Shows On My Radar #1

There are a couple of interesting TV Shows that are coming out in the upcoming months. And I thought it would be fun to share them with you and tell a little bit about them. So hopefully I can get you hyped as well ;). Let’s jump in!

Gossip Girl

I was a big Gossip Girl fan back in the day and watched every episode and season when it was released. The show wasn’t perfect by any means but at the time I loved it. And I think the concept is super interesting still. So I think this reboot is going to be great. There is going to be a lot more diversity and I like the looks of the teaser trailer. I also love Kristen Bell so it’s great to hear her voice in this again.

Gossip Girl releases in July and it looks like there will be 10 episodes. It will also be more of a ‘continuation’ rather than an actual reboot. We won’t see the original character but I have a feeling some of their names might come up in some episodes.

Good Sam

I love Sophia Bush so I’m always invested in her new projects. And one of her newest projects and one she is super passionate about is Good Sam. This is a hospital drama, and you might know that I watch a ton of those haha. The trailer looks really good and I think this can be a great show. Also great to see Jason Isaacs and Skye Marshall in this. There isn’t that much known about the show yet so I think we are looking at a fall release. Anyways, I’m excited!


Yes, this is another one I added because of the actors. Give me Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig and I cannot resist. I love them both so much and think they are great actors. Also, I love sport drama’s and this one sounds really good. You can already tell there will be a ton of drama haha. It releases august 15th and it looks like there will be 8 episodes. I know what I’ll be watching this summer ;).

The Hot Zone (season 2)

I loved The Hot Zone when I released in 2019. It was a mini series and it was super good. I loved the production, the actors and the overall story. So of course I was super happy to hear we are getting a second season. However, this is not a continuation of the story. This new season is focused on a different story all together. I do think it will be great again though! It’s going to be a three-night event starting November 28th so there won’t be that many episodes. Even though it won’t release for another 6 months, I can’t wait!

These are 4 of the upcoming shows I’m super excited about! Some are releasing pretty soon, while others will be quite a while haha. I do hope you found new shows to be excited about with me! Let me know in the comments if you’re going to watch any of these.

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    1. It hasn’t been getting that much attention to be honest! Hopefully more people will notice it once we get an actual trailer!

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