Bookish Item | Marvel Unlimited – Is It Worth It?

As you might know, I really enjoy reading graphic novels. I read all sorts of them but they can be quite pricey for the time you actually spend reading them. While I watch a lot of superhero movies, I haven’t actually read a lot of them. I love Marvel but there’s just so much to read. So I decided to try the Marvel Unlimited subscription for the comics. And today I wanted to share some of my experience. Let’s jump in!

Marvel Unlimited it a subscription service for the Marvel Comics. You pay €10,49 a month and get almost all of the comics Marvel published. They become available a couple of weeks after the release date. This means there is a huge catalogue available through this service.

You can just search a certain comic you might be looking for. But with this huge backlist I had no clue where to start to be honest. I have read one story, Ms Marvel so that is where I started. It was great to have the whole series to binge read. But it was a bit confusing at first as there were 2 different series for Ms Marvel. Marvel starts new series for most characters every now and then so it might be hard to figure out which series is the one you want to read.

After finding Ms Marvel I wanted to read another series. And this is where I used Marvel Unlimited different search options. They have reading lists based on characters, events and series. And that is a pretty good way to find what you’re looking for. I really liked this idea. It wasn’t as practical as I hoped it would be, just because there is so much for every character and event. And to be honest, this resulted in me not reading as much yet as I hoped I would.

Right now I have a lot of comics added to my library I plan on reading. I’ve had my subscription for a month now and whenever you read more than the equivalent of a volume (so 4-6 issues usually) this subscription is definitely cheaper. For me, most comic volumes are somewhere between 10 and 20 euros so I really like that we have this option. Because I’m in the Netherlands, Comixology is not available for me. Since there is so, so, so much to read, I don’t mind it as much anymore as I can read on Marvel Unlimited for actual years and still have comics left to read haha.

So in terms of money and available content I would definitely say this subscription is worth it. However, I do find Marvel Unlimited and Marvel comics a bit unclear sometimes. Characters pop up in different stories and it feels almost impossible to read everything about a certain event. This makes is hard to decide what to read next and get a very clear overall picture sometimes. For now I’ll keep my subscription and I hope to read a lot of comics next month!

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