Show Sunday | Currently Watching #1

I decided to introduce a new type of post in my Show Sunday’s! Sometimes I’m not watching anything I can talk about right away but there are a couple of shows I’m into and want to share some of my thoughts about. So I’m introducing Currently Watching. Where I’ll be talking about a couple of the shows I’m currently into. Let’s dive in!

Current season: 3
Still need to watch: 1 episode

I am a big The Vampire Diaries and The Originals fan so of course I was excited for Legacies when it was announced. And I really liked it when I first started watching it. But the show has slowly been letting me down. Hope is supposed to be extremely strong but she doesn’t really act that way. I also don’t care about Landon at all and he is very much a focus point unfortunately. Josie and Lizzie are still amazing and I am actually excited for more of them, especially since we all know where their story is going.

MG and Caleb are great as well, especially Caleb has really grown on me! We got some new characters this season, Cleo is definitely interesting. I have some theories about her backstory and I really hope I am right haha. We are pretty far into this season already and there doesn’t seem to be a cohesive plot going on. I hope the rest of the season is better or this might be the last season I’ll be watching.

The Irregulars
Current season: 1
Still need to watch: 4 episodes

This is a fairly new Netflix show. It’s based on a comic book series and has loosely ties to Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft are part of the show but they aren’t the people you necessarily expect. It’s also a supernatural show so be warned before you dive in. I watched the first 4 episodes and have 4 more to go. It was very enjoyable and I watch those episodes in one evening. I also plan on watching the rest soon.

The characters are interesting and I wish the best for all of them. Although I’m afraid not all of them might make it to the end haha. The overall mystery is quite interesting as well and I have some theories. But I’m not super sure yet so I think it might all change over the course of the next episodes!

Current season: 5 (ended)
Still need to watch: 55 episodes

This is an older series and I’m very late to it haha. But I kept seeing facebook posts about this show and I was curious to see what it was. Turns out it a pretty great show. We follow a young Merlin and Arthur on their way to becoming the epic characters we know and love. And love I already do! I’m still watching the first season but I can’t wait to watch the rest. There has already been so many nods to the story we know and I love getting to know these characters. Whenever I don’t have any shows to watch right away I watch a couple of Merlin episodes. So it will be a while before I have watched all of the episodes haha.

This was my first ever currently watching! Did you enjoy it, have any tips? Let me know down below! And tell me which shows you are currently watching.

6 thoughts on “Show Sunday | Currently Watching #1

  1. Merlin is an excellent show! Of all the King Arthur adaptations it’s definitely my favourite 😀 and I’ll definitely have to put the irregulars on my watch list!

    I’m currently watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Honestly, I put it on in a fit of ‘I can’t be bothered to do anything right now this will do’ laziness, but actually it’s really good!

    1. Hahaha sometimes it’s really nice to put on something ‘easy’ and just relax. And when that show is also actually good, all the better!
      Happy to hear you loved Merlin so much, I’m excited for the rest of the show. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the irregulars <3

  2. I spent an afternoon debating whether or not to start The Irregulars and in the end didn’t have the energy to start another series ? But hearing others say they enjoy it, I think I will now.

    1. Haha, I’m happy to hear that! And luckily it’s not that many episodes so you can catch up pretty quickly! Hope you enjoy it <3

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