Review | Check, Please! Vol. 1 & 2 – Ngozi Ukazu

It’s been a while since I read both of these books but I still really wanted to share my thoughts and maybe bring them to your attention haha. This web series is also published as two graphic novels. I’ll talk about both volumes today, so let’s jump in!

Like I said, this was originally a web series, and you can actually read all of it for free right here. The series follows Bitty all throughout his university years, and it is broken down in 4 parts. One part for each year of uni. The published works are separated in year 1&2 in volume 1 and year 3&4 in volume 2.

Bitty is recruited for the ice hockey team at Samwell University. He’s actually also a figure skating champion, a vlogger and he loves to bake. And most importantly, he is the purest character ever! We get a lot of vlogstyle looks at his life and I thought that was really well done. It’s like Bitty is talking to you but it doesn’t feel weird at all.

Bitty slowly finds his place in the team and at uni and I loved seeing that. He also learns to love all of who he is. And that is a wonderful person, with a big crush haha. I think my only critique of the first volume was the romance. We get a bit right at the end and then in the next ‘year’ everything moved way fast. I would’ve liked to see that develop a bit more slowly. But I did love the romance overall so I’m not too mad ;).

The supporting characters are amazing. To be honest, I didn’t expect them to be so great when I started reading this. Bitty isn’t a typical hockey player and I wasn’t sure how everyone else would react to him. And I needed him protected right from the start haha. I needn’t have worried because like I said, the rest of the characters are amazing. Shitty was probably my favorite, even though that nickname is horrible haha. And I just loved the friendships between all the boys.

I also really liked the way this was written. Like I mentioned before, we get some vlog-style panels and it feels like Bitty is talking directly to you. But we also get some ice hockey explanations with Ransom and Holster and that was hilarious! I couldn’t get enough of them haha. Overall I just really loved this series and I wished there was more. I think I read all of it in an evening and a morning, it was impossible to stop! Highly recommend this, especially if you like sports or slice of life kind of graphic novels / webcomics!

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