Review| Unmasked Dreams – LJ Evans

I’ve said this when starting almost all of my reviews for LJ Evans, but this author wrote another book I completely loved and is still one of my favorite authors! So far all of the books in this world have been so much fun, if you click on the titles you can see my reviews for: Guarded Dreams, Forged by Sacrifice, Avenged by Love, Damaged Desires and Branded by a Song.

Yesterday was the release of the next book, Unmasked Dreams, and once again this author outdid herself. If you want to know more about this book and my thoughts, keep on reading! A big thanks to the author for providing me with an e-arc to read and review!

A daring and decadent romantic suspense that whirls the reader around the globe and back.

“I wasn’t supposed to touch her this way. To have her this way. She wasn’t ever supposed to be mine.”

Violet Banner was under-aged and off-limits when she and Dawson Langley first met. It didn’t stop him from leaving a brand on her heart that followed her to college. Five years later, she’s come home to find him living under the same roof, and it feels like nothing has changed. Except for the science lab she’s built in the garage and the secrets he’s keeping.

After years of fighting off the tantalizing connection between them, Dawson isn’t sure he’ll be able to restrain himself once grown-up Violet lands back in his world. Even the nearly deadly mistakes of their past and the three separate lives he’s leading might not be enough to prevent him from touching her.

When the clandestine activity surrounding his international boat race tangles Violet in its grasp, she can’t help wondering if Dawson is the villain of the story.

Only one thing is certain: there’s nothing he won’t do to keep her safe…even if it means making her his.

Inspired by Daughtry’s “What About Now,” comes a determined scientist and a broody bad-boy-turned-hero who just might leave their mark on you in this adventurous, standalone, slow burn from award-winning author, LJ Evans.

Don’t miss Violet and Dawson as the younger siblings in the interconnected standalone, AVENGED BY LOVE.


“She was still Vi. Still determined to leave her mark on the world just like she’d left one me.”

We met Dawson and Violet in Avenged by Love and since reading that I’ve been wanting their story. LJ Evans definitely gave me what I was asking for, because wow, this story was amazing! Not only did we get some amazing characters, but this story really kept me on the edge of my seat. I read this book in one day!

Unmasked Dreams is the kind of book for me that I enjoyed so much that it’s kind of hard to put into words what I loved so much. It’s clear from when we met them in Avenged by Love that Violet and Dawson had a special connection, but the timing just wasn’t right. That’s still the case so many years later.

Violet is definitely a favorite of mine. She’s quirky and geeky, but doesn’t let anyone stop her from believing in what she does and following her dreams. Violet is crazy smart and independent and I loved how she didn’t let her family’s past stop her from living.

“You don’t need to want, Dawson. I’m here. I’ve always been here. I’ve always been yours.”

Dawson got into some trouble when he was younger and had times where he didn’t feel like he could do anything right. This brought his life to a place where he’s trying to prove he can be responsible and good. Even if he’s risking his life doing this. I loved that we didn’t get the full story from the start, but it got built up with bits and pieces. Dawson has a heart of gold and wants to protect everyone he loves. He just needs to learn that he’s worthy of that love and protection as well.

Unmasked Dreams is not only a romance that slowly builds up (and believe me the tension jumps off of the page), but filled with suspense as well. I was so afraid things were going to go wrong and just when I thought everything was settled LJ hit us with a twist! What a ride! And yet again, she mixed this book with music and I loved all of the choices. Listening to the playlist while reading definitely adds to the whole experience.

As you can probably tell I really loved Unmasked Dreams. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of these characters or world. If you haven’t tried anything by this author yet I definitely suggest you do.

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