Show Sunday | First Look: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

A little over two weeks ago we finally got the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I was highly anticipating this show as I’m a big Bucky fan. When I’m writing this I’ve seen the first three episodes and I can’t wait for the next. So while I do call this a first look, keep in mind we’re half way through the season haha. Let’s take a look.

Following the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Sam Wilson/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities — and their patience.

I’ve watched almost all of the Marvel movies and would call myself a fan. Bucky is one of my favorite characters, probably second after Loki, so you can imagine my excitement for this show. This show is also about what happens after everyone got back and that’s such an interesting thing to think about.

We’ve seen three episodes now and there have been some absolutely amazing scenes. I have some very hated characters but also some new favorites. The Falcon was never a favorite but he’s wriggled his way into my heart. And the chemistry between Bucky and Sam is so well done. Both actors are amazing and I’m enjoying their joined screen time so so much.

I think my love for Bucky shows some of my personal problems haha. But I can’t help it. Sam seems a lot more healthy but of course he has his own problems. I like seeing him trying to fix what happened during the lost years. The plot of the show is interesting and I really like the pace. All three episodes looked great, I liked the fight scenes and the overall feel of the show. I am really loving this show and I can’t wait for the next three episodes!

4 thoughts on “Show Sunday | First Look: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  1. Aahh I’m so excited for this show!! Bucky is also one of my favourite characters? I can’t wait to watch it, but sadly I don’t have Disney+ and I’m going to watch it with a few friends of mine, so I have to wait a while for that? Happy to see you enjoy it 😀
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    1. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do once you watch it! And I’m sure it will be an amazing experience watching it with friends (and watching all of the episodes without waiting a week haha) <3

  2. I agree – this show is awesome. The character development and story telling are top notch. Marvel has a way of making their superheroes relatable and I love that.

    1. The character development is amazing!! I agree, they do make their superheroes very relatable, they all have their flaws.

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