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Two weeks ago I shared my review of Crave on the blog. I went into this book without many expectations. It also was an enjoyable train wreck that I loved chatting about with the friend I was buddyreading with. We couldn’t resist continuing with this series, so we read Crush right after Crave. What did I think of this one? Did anything change in my opinions? Keep on reading to find out! I’ll keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Danger, romance and excitement await in the swoonworthy and addictive sequel to Crave, by New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff.

When she arrived at Katmere Academy, mortal Grace’s world turned upside down. Now back at school, she is haunted by fragments of days she doesn’t remember living, as she struggles to understand who, or what, she really is.

Finally reunited with Jaxon, Grace begins to feel safe again – until Jaxon’s brother, Hudson, reappears, insisting that there are secrets Grace doesn’t know and threatening to drive a wedge between her and Jaxon forever.

But there are far worse enemies at their doorstep – and the only thing that Hudson and Jaxon agree on is that leaving Katmere would mean Grace’s death.

Defeating the evil that is coming will require a sacrifice. But it may be more than Grace can give.


The way Crave ended I knew I needed to read Crush. Even though things were way over the top it was a fun ride. Then I started Crush. Some things were still the same as with Crave. I mean normally when someone tries to kill you recently you don’t say no big deal and continue a friendship, but apparently it happens, haha. That being said, Crush was also different in so many ways. This book was almost 700 pages, but I don’t think I would’ve complained if it was more. It honestly didn’t feel that long. It helps that the chapters are pretty short.

Once again, this book is filled with fun chapter titles and I was always excited to see what the next one would be. Crush starts off a few months after the ending of Crave. If you’ve read the book you know it ends in a way that really makes you need to know how it continues. I thought the way this was done was pretty interesting. We start learning more about all of the paranormal creatures in the world and more about them. The side characters come to play a bigger part in this book and I loved that. Some of them are awesome and I’ve gotten really invested in them. Learning more about this world definitely got me more hooked.

I don’t want to go into the characters and their development too much, because I feel that will easily lead to spoilers. I will say it’s interesting to see everything that happens to Grace and what it does to her. She really starts to become stronger and it takes awhile, but she starts believing in herself. The villain in this story is really interesting and I have to say I didn’t expect all the little twists and turns in this story. I didn’t see that ending coming and believe me when I say I’m happy that the third book is already available.

One of my favorite things about Crush (and Crave as well) are the cheesy lines. The little things that make me laugh, because sometimes it’s just what you need. These characters don’t always take themselves seriously and it shows. Crush also introduces a new character (which I won’t mention because of spoilers), but I never thought I’d like them as much as I did. My heart broke a few times for them. I need more of that characters, haha. Also, the romance is definitely a bigger part of the story, but it’s not pushed in your face as it is in some stories. I’m hoping we get a little more in Covet, but for different reasons. And I need a certain backstory, but that’s a whole different thing.

All in all, if you told me I’d end up enjoying Crush as much as I did I wouldn’t have believed you. If you’re a fan of humor, sarcasm, some twists and turns, paranormal creatures and sometimes over the top story elements, this series is definitely for you!

Okay, who would’ve thought I’d come to get so invested in all of these characters? I certainly didn’t!! I’ll be starting Covet soon after this review comes online and I’m interested to see where Grace’s story will take us. Have you read Crave or Crush? If so, let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear from you!

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