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Yesterday we talked about the books we added to our shelves in March, so now it’s time to talk about what we read last month! What did we read? Did we enjoy the books we read? Keep on reading to find out!


March was a really good reading month for me, so I definitely can’t complain. It really helped having the first two weeks of the month off. I wish I could do that more often, haha. I ended up reading a total of 21 books (8 paperback, 7 ARCs, 2 hardcovers, 2 audiobooks, 1 graphic novel and 1 e-book). I read a total of 7,273 pages and my average rating was a 3.9. Hopefully next month is just as good! But first let’s talk about the books I read.

Kill Joy – Holly Jackson

As a fan of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder I knew I needed this book. Kill Joy is a great prequel and I really enjoyed this murder mystery party. I really need to read more books with this theme.

Crave – Tracy Wolff

Crave is a book I’ve seen everywhere in the bookish community since it released. It was time to finally give it a go! This book is over the top and ridiculous at times, but I  couldn’t stop reading. As I’m typing this I’m just about done with Crush (the second book in the series) and I’m so invested, haha.

A Rogue of One’s Own – Evie Dunmore

I really enjoyed Bringing Down the Duke and was excited for the next book A Rogue of One’s Own. This book is filled with humor, romance and definitely some steamy moments. I can’t wait for the next book.

The Last Spell Breather – Julie Pike

The idea of spell breathing was really interesting and I was excited about reading this book. Unfortunately, I didn’t love The Last Spell Breather as much as I hoped. The concept is really cool, but at the end I felt things were a bit rushed and left unexplained.

Nightbooks – J.A. White

Nightbooks was really amazing! I definitely see myself reading this again around Halloween. It’s definitely spooky and I was really hoping everything turned out okay. Also, I’ll never get the image of a cat with fingers for claws out of my head after reading this.

Opal & Origin – Jennifer L. Armentrout

A friend and I have been continuing our re-read of LUX and read the third and fourth book in March. We just started the fifth and final book. I’ve been enjoying being back in this world and I’m shocked by how many little things I’ve forgotten. Even a few big twists, haha.

The Iron Flower – Laurie Forest

The Iron Flower is a book I actually started in May 2020 and got distracted again. I finally sat down and finished this one. This book hurt, but it was so good!! I really need to make sure I read the novellas and The Shadow Wand before the next book releases in September.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin – Roseanne A. Brown

I’m so glad TBR and Beyond did a group read of this. I’ve been wanting to read A Song of Wraiths of Ruin since I heard about it and really enjoyed this story. The world and magic was really interesting and I’m looking forward to the second book.

Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl – Erin Grammar

This is a book I wanted to like so much, but unfortunately Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl just didn’t work for me. Just like I said for a previous book, I loved the concept, but it just didn’t play out for me. The book felt rushed at times and so many things weren’t explained.

Scars & Silver Linings – Kelsey Kingsley

Kelsey Kingsley writes books that break your heart and Scars & Silver Linings wasn’t an exception. This was partially based on her own pregnancy and this book had me crying a few times. This author has an amazing way with words!

I Think I Love You – Auriane Desombre

Contemporaries are always books I love to read and I really enjoyed I Think I Love You. The characters were interesting and I loved the idea of shooting a movie in the summer. The only thing that bugged me was that I wanted more of the main characters and just a little less of the side characters.

Bright Burning Stars – A.K. Small

When I saw this cover and read the synopsis I thought I was going to get a thriller or at least some mystery elements in Bright Burning Stars. I didn’t at all. While I loved the idea of the competitive dancing world things never really passed the surface. Also, this book deals with a lot of serious subjects and it didn’t really do anything with them.

Sweet & Bitter Magic – Adrienne Tooley

Standalone fantasy books are tricky and can be really hit or miss for me. Sweet & Bitter Magic was done really amazing! I loved the world, the adventure and how everything was wrapped up. The romance and character development also really worked. I’d love more in this world, but the author didn’t leave me with too many unanswered questions.

My Last Summer with Cass – Mark Crilley

I love graphic novels and when I read My Last Summer with Cass would be about friendship I knew I needed to read it. The artwork is amazing and the friendship was really interesting. My only issue was that everything went a bit fast. I would’ve loved more time with these characters and their relationship.

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bullies – Kelsie Stelting

Kelsie Stelting is an author that writes books I normally really enjoy. Unfortunately, Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bullies just didn’t work for me. Bullying is such an awful thing and I feel that bullying the bully back isn’t a great thing and the book gave that a lot of attention and the ending felt rushed. I loved the friendship these group of girls develop, but the rest didn’t really work for me.

What Beauty There Is – Cory Anderson

I’ve said it a few times that I love thrillers and What Beauty There is sounded like a book I needed to read. It does need to be said that this book deals with a lot of difficult subjects and has a lot of trigger warnings. This book hurts and there isn’t much happy, but the writing sucked me in and I needed to know if these characters would get at least a bit of beauty in their lives.

Ghosted in LA Vol. 1 – Sina Grace

Graphic novels are fun and one evening last month I was looking for something quick and fun. That’s when I noticed Ghosted in LA on Scribd. It was interesting to see the main character start off college life and then end up living in a house with ghosts. The backstory of all of the ghosts were really interesting. I’ll definitely be reading the next volume soon.

Angel of Greenwood – Randi Pink

A friend of mine bought this book and asked if anybody wanted to do a buddyread of Angel of Greenwood. This book sounded really interesting even though I knew it was going to hurt. The writing is amazing and I love the use of poetry during the book. We learn a lot about our main characters leading up to the Greenwood Massacre.

Eliza and Her Monsters – Francesca Zappia

Eliza and Her Monsters is a book I read a few years ago and absolutely loved, so I decided to do a re-read with the audiobook. I loved the audiobook, but I did miss the gorgeous illustrations in the book. This is a book I still highly recommend.

The Afterlife of the Party – Marlene Perez

I had an e-arc of this book, but it’s one I haven’t been able to get around to. The Afterlife of the Party was also on Storytel, so I decided to listen to the audiobook. This one just wasn’t for me. I love stories with witches and vampires, but this one was just a bit too much of the cliche things we see in these stories. I mean a band of vampires called The Drainers?

Favorite Book:
 The Iron Flower
Least Favorite: 
Bright Burning Stars
Most Surprising: 
Sweet & Bitter Magic


March wasn’t the reading month I had hoped it would be. I didn’t finish nearly as many books as I initially thought I would. There are still a ton of half read books on my night stand but I guess there’s always next month ;). In March I managed to finish 8 books (5 rereads, a novella, a manga and a graphic novel). It added up to 3679 pages and a 4.75 average rating.

Harry Potter 2 – 6

I’m rereading this in no time at all. At the moment I’m consumed by HP tiktok, especially those doing the marauder era and reading a lot of fanfic. So of course I also had to listen to the books again and I am watching the movies. It’s been quite a while since I last saw them so that’s actually pretty exciting.

Kill Joy – Holly Jackson

This prequel novella to the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was AMAZING. I loved it so so much. It ties in with the series wonderfully and got me even more excited for the next book. Holly is definitely a new auto buy author for me.

Spy Family 1 – Tatsuya Endo

I got this one for my birthday and asked for it after seeing it in a youtube video. It’s always nice to get a new manga and while I expected to enjoy it, it still managed to surprise me. I put the next volumes on my wishlist because I will definitely continue with this series.

Delicates – Brenna Thummler

I got this eARC a little while ago and read it right around the release. When I requested this one I didn’t realise it was the sequel to Sheets which I haven’t read yet. Luckily that wasn’t a problem when I read it and found it very enjoyable. I will definitely pick up more of Brenna’s work.

Favorite Book:
 Kill Joy
Least Favorite: 
I can’t pick any this time!
Most Surprising: 
Spy Family

So that’s what we read in March! Have you read any of the books we’ve read? If so, let us know what you thought. We’d love to know. Also, what was your favorite book in March? We’re always looking for more recommendations (even though we have a never ending TBR).

4 thoughts on “Wrap Up | March 2021

  1. 100% agree about Eliza and her Monsters. I loved the illustrations. And honestly, her brothers in this story reminded me so much of my own – I was really in my feels about them. Haha.

  2. I loved the Iron Flower, it was not what I expected, but I was hooked by the end. I really need to read the 3rd book before the next one comes out.

  3. Wow! I wish I could read 21 books in a month! Even with two weeks off, I don’t think I could get anywhere close to that – but it does sound like the perfect way to spend the time 🙂

  4. Awesome month and great wrap-up! A Song Of Wraiths And Ruins is on my library tbr – I am very excited to get to it! 💜

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