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When I was looking for tags for today I wondered if there was a One Tree Hill Book Tag. So I googled it, and guess what I found haha. We already did this tag! Or at least, Candyce did haha. Since it’s been quite a while since Candyce did this tag, I decided I could do it today as well. One Tree Hill is one of my absolute favorite shows ever and I want to rewatch it just thinking about this tag. Let’s jump in!

Nathan Scott
a character with a talent you want

The first character that came to mind was Cath from Fangirl. She writes a popular fanfiction and I would love to be able to do that as well. Lately I have been thinking about starting to write something myself and maybe I should just go for it!

Lucas Scott
One of your first fictional crushes

I think Peeta was one of my first fictional crushes! There had been a couple before and a looooot after but he was definitely one of the early ones haha. I was a team Peeta girl from the start and I will defend that ship forever.

Haley James
a fierce character with a good side

You can say what you want about her but Aelin from the Throne of Glass series is definitely fierce and she also has a good side. She protects the ones she loves and tries everything to save the world basically.

Peyton Sawyer
an emotionally strong character

I think we could have an interesting discussion about what qualifies as emotionally strong here haha, but I’ll just pick a character I think is strong ;). For me Nina from the Grishaverse is a very strong character. She has gone through a lot, but she still manages to see the good in people and stays kind. And of course she had overcome some very difficult hurdles. I can’t wait to read the rest of her journey in Rule of Wolves.

Brooke Davis
a character with the best development

I really like the development Lara Jean has gone through over the course of three books. It showed a realistic development in my opinion. She really grew but that growth came with ups and downs. Lara Jean got much more confident and really found herself and who she wants to be in life. And I think that’s something we can all inspire to be.

Mouth McFadden
favorite side character

Zuzanna from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is one of my favorite side characters. Usually the best friend is hardly seen in fantasy series after the main character discovers a new world or something similar. Not Zuzanna! She made sure she was included and I loved how supportive the was. And she had such a cute romance <3

Julian Baker
favorite adaptation

It’s not here yet but I have very high hopes for the Shadow and Bone Netflix show. I’m sure it will be one of my favorites very quickly. The trailers look amazing and the atmosphere looks perfect. I believe a second season is already ordered and I’m counting the days until we can watch that first season.

Clay Evans
favorite protective character

Orion Blake from A Deadly Education! He was protective over basically everyone in the school and I really enjoyed his character. In general I LOVED this book and Orion was definitely a big part of that.

Quinn James
favorite female character

One of my favorite female characters is Izzy from The Exact Opposite of Okay. She is very realistic, I love her humor and how sex positive she is. I wish more teenagers read this book in high school because they could really learn something from her. Yes she is flawed and made some mistakes, but that makes her all the more real.

Dan Scott
a bad character that gets redemption in the end

I never forgave Dan Scott so I don’t think he got a redemption haha. This was overall a pretty hard question but after looking around for awhile I realised I really liked the arc of Hrathen in Elantris. He is such an interesting character! Highly recommend this book in general and the experience of your feelings towards Hrathen.

Tree Hill, North Carolina
a fictional place you’d like to visit

So many! Hogwarts and the Wizarding World will always be high on that list (but the inclusive world the fans created, not the other one of course). There are a lot of worlds I love to read about but I wouldn’t necessarily want to visit them haha. I would love to go to Ketterdam for example but while I love the school in A Deadly Education I would never want to go there haha.

This was the One Tree Hill book tag. It was a lot of fun thinking about these characters again. Have you watched this show? Should I rewatch it?

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