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I Think I Love You is a book I’ve had my eye on since the cover reveal. As a big contemporary and romcom fan I knew I needed this book. Today I’m participating in the tour hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours. I’ll be sharing my review and some favorite quotes, so keep on reading to find out more!

I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publishing Date: March 2, 2021

A sweet and funny debut novel about falling for someone when you least expect it . . . and finding out that real life romance is better than anything on screen.

Emma is a die-hard romantic. She loves a meet-cute Netflix movie, her pet, Lady Catulet, and dreaming up the Gay Rom Com of her heart for the film festival competition she and her friends are entering. If only they’d listen to her ideas. . .

Sophia is pragmatic. She’s big into boycotts, namely 1) relationships, 2) teen boys and their BO (reason #2347683 she’s a lesbian), and 3) Emma’s nauseating ideas. Forget starry-eyed romance, Sophia knows what will win: an artistic film with a message.

Cue the drama. The movie is doomed before they even start shooting . . . until a real-life plot twist unfolds behind the camera when Emma and Sophia start seeing each other through a different lens. Suddenly their rivalry is starting to feel like an actual rom-com.

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I Think I Love You sounded like a book I would end up enjoying and I was right! I read this book in about one sitting and the writing really had me hooked. As a romance fan this definitely made me bookworm heart happy! I’d definitely recommend this book to contemporary lovers.

Emma is an interesting character. She loves love and everything that has to do with it. Her parents’ relationship is the way she hopes she ends up and Emma watches every romance related movie she can. So when she sees a movie competition Emma knows that she’s going to make a romcom. I had mixed feelings about Emma if I’m honest. Yeah, she’s definitely excited and driven to make this movie and wants love to be there for all. Also, she’s trying to figure a way to tell her parents she’s bisexual. I can’t even imagine how it feels to do that. On the other side, Emma can be selfish at times. The movie must go her way and she doesn’t even take time to listen to other ideas. I get passion and just wanting to do something, but it did annoy me just a tad bit.

Sophia just came back from France and is still dealing with her parents getting divorced. How is love something you should want when it clearly falls apart? I totally understand this anger and opinion about love. My parents got divorced when I was older, but it’s still a hard time. Trying to get used to being back in New York, living in a new apartment with her dad and seeing friends she hasn’t for a year is hard. It’s hard trying to fit in again when it’s clear they moved along fine without you around. I loved Sophia’s story and her seeing that love can still be a beautiful thing. Out of both story lines hers was definitely my favorite.

I loved the whole idea of a movie competition and doing this with friends! The ideas were really interesting and I love the few glimpses we got of the scripts. That being said, I have to say it did feel rushed at times. I think that was because of the plot surrounding their friends. While I’m a big fan of romance, I think this story could’ve done without Kate and Tom. I did enjoy their romance, but it took away from Emma and Sophia. This would’ve most likely been a five star read for me if we had gotten more time with these two and their developing romance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how it developed and we saw it happening, but I think I would’ve connected more with them if they had gotten more attention.

Even though I do have some things I would’ve liked to have seen different, I really did enjoy I Think I Love You. The characters felt realistic, the idea of movies was amazing and the way Emma and Sophia’s character developed in this story was so well done! Not only do we get romance and rom coms, but also friendship, family/divorce, acceptance, trust and so much more. This story deals with a lot of things and I’m glad I read it. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more by this author in the future!


Favorite Quotes

“Just because the straights in Hollywood don’t know how to tell my story doesn’t mean it’s not out there.”

“Damn. Even in my worst fantasies, my cat’s love life is more exciting than mine.”

“Given that we’re in my bedroom, and I’m an avowed spinster already working on my cat collection, it feels unlikely that I’ll be the one to figure this whole romance thing out.”

“What is it about love that makes people act so dopey?”

“I can’t believe I’m admitting I was wrong about something. Even if it is just to myself.”

“I might not have any idea where to take my film, but that doesn’t mean I want to return to the world of rom-coms and distugingness.”

“The best love is matter-of-fact. It doesn’t need those big gestures and those big romance moments. Real love comes in the every day moments, the daily life you share.”

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About the Author

Auriane is the author of I Think I Love You, and works as a middle school teacher and freelance editor. She holds an MA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Sammy, who is a certified bad boy.

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I’m so glad I decided to pick up I Think I Love You! If you love stories about love, growing up, friendship, acceptance and so much more I really recommend this book. I have to say this book makes me want to watch a marathon of romcoms.

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