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Yesterday we shared the books we added to our shelves during the last month of 2020, so it means today it’s time to talk about the books we read. We won’t be talking about how we did with our reading goals yet (which will be on the blog soon), but only about the books completed. If you’re curious about what we read, keep on reading for your December wrap up!


The month started out a bit slow for me when it came to reading, but I ended up able to get some reading done.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

Isabelle loved this book and after having it on my shelf for so long I finally got to read it. Ellie from Read to Ramble and I did a buddy read and it was such an interesting read. Nothing was what it seemed and that made it so much fun. This is a book I’m not going to forget.

Brave – Jennifer L. Armentrout

I loved books by this author, so when a friend wanted to read this trilogy for the first time I had to re-read along with her. It’s so much fun reading together and I had forgotten a lot. I’m glad I went back to this one! Tink will always be my favorite.

The Darkest Star – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Another re-read for me and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I don’t know if it was just my mood or the experience of reading and discussing it, but it was an amazing ride. As I’m typing this, I’m halfway through the sequel and loving it!

The Cheerleaders – Kara Thomas

After doing a re-read of Little Monsters this book was staring at me, haha. Isabelle and I did a buddyread and it was a really good book. I didn’t expect the twist near the end and it was a lot of fun trying to solve the mystery while reading. We still need to write our review for this one.

Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily – Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

I loved the first Dash & Lily book and the sequel was a quick read as well. Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily isn’t as holiday themed as I thought it was going to be. There is a lot of the characters trying to figure out what they want. It’s an interesting read, but definitely different than I expected.

The Ruins of Gorlan – John Flanagan

A little while ago, I did a post My Boyfriend Chose My TBR. I finally picked up one of those books. The Ruins of Gorlan is the first in the Ranger’s Apprentice series and it was really good. I completely understand why my boyfriend loves this series. I finished it in no time and I will continue with this series.

A Wolf for a Spell – Karah Sutton

I’ve never read a Baba Yaga retelling, but this was such an interesting adventure. A Wolf for a Spell sucked me in from the start and the illustrations are stunning. I definitely recommend this middle grade!

The Bitterwine Oath – Hannah West

A cult claims twelve men every fifty years and it’s close to the anniversary of the last time this happened. This was an interesting read, but definitely different than I was expecting. The Bitterwine Oath definitely has some action and magic, but I would’ve loved just a bit more back story.

The Ballad of Ami Miles – Kristy Dallas Alley

It’s been quite some time since I read a dystopian and The Ballad of Ami Miles was an interesting one. Ami grows up on a compound and when her grandfather arranges a marriage to an older man she runs. What she doesn’t expect is that the world may be a lot different than she knew. This was definitely an interesting take on a future world.

Amari and the Night Brothers – B.B. Alston

Amari and the Night Brothers is an amazing start to a new middle grade trilogy. It has my favorite things as well: amazing main character, magic, a school and so much more. Once I picked this up I just couldn’t stop!

Together at Midnight – Jennifer Castle

I’ve seen this book around for quite some time and finally decided to read it when I found it on Storytel. It was interesting seeing our main characters dealing with their own lives, but also doing good things after seeing a tragic accident. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Stay Gold – Tobly McSmith

Stay Gold is an own voices trans story and not an easy read at all. Not easy, but this was a good book. I loved Pony as a character and following his journey at a new school, with his family and love interest. There are a lot of triggers in this book, so please be aware of that if you decide to read Stay Gold.

One Way Or Another – Kara McDowell

I love holiday themed books and One Way or Another was a good one! Our main character, Paige, is afraid of making the wrong decision. So when she gets two choices for Christmas she doesn’t know what to do. She gets to live through these two choices and it was an interesting adventure. The author handled the topic of anxiety very well and I can’t wait to read more by Kara McDowell.

Ramona Blue – Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy is still a pretty new author to me, but Ramona Blue was a book that caught my eye awhile ago. The characters are a lot of fun and it shows us that family can be complicated. Also, talking about sexuality is a big part of this story. It’s talked about in a great way and it shows us that that isn’t always simple either.

Favorite Book:
Amari and the Night Brothers
Least Favorite:
Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily
Most Surprising:
The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle



The last couple of months have not been really great reading wise for me. But in December I did find my groove back a little bit. I was hoping to reach my goal in the end, but the year was just a little bit too short ;). When the month and year finished I read 6 books, which I actually all really enjoyed! So let’s take a look.

Over the Woodward Wall – A. Deborah Baker

I had been looking forward to reading this one for a while. A Deborah Baker is one of Seanan McGuire’s pen names and since I love her work I was really excited for this one. Candyce told me the audiobook was available through Scribd so that’s what I used. While the book wasn’t as good or engaging as I was expecting it to be, it was still enjoyable. And yes, I will read the rest of the series when it releases.

The Cheerleaders – Kara Thomas

I’ve been enjoying YA mysteries more and more again and I was super excited to finally pick up The Cheerleaders. Candyce and I did a buddyread for this one and I flew through it. It was fun and I loved the twists. I honestly can’t wait to read more YA mysteries in 2021!

In A Holidaze – Christina Lauren

This is a Christmas themed book so I waited to pick it up until December. I love that it has a Groundhog Day trope. While it wasn’t as amazing as I was hoping it would be, it was still really good. I had a fun time reading it and I definitely want to read more Christina Lauren books.

One Way or Another – Kara McDowell

I’ve read another book by Kara McDowell that I loved so much. And I was really excited for this one. We get two dual timelines and I thought that was really exciting. Unfortunately I didn’t love the ending so I couldn’t rate it above 4 stars. But I did love the anxiety rep and I will for sure read more books by Kara!

The Promised Neverland vol 6&7 – Kaiu Shirai

My last two books of the year! And vol 6 was actually the very first book I got in 2020. I love this manga series so so much and I can’t wait to get the rest of the series. All 20 volumes are released in Japan and the last couple ones will be released in English this year. These volumes were amazing and this story is very dark with great characters. Highly recommend it!

Favorite Book:
 The Cheerleaders
Least Favorite:
Over the Woodward Wall
Most Surprising:
In a Holidaze

So these are the books we read in the last month of 2020! Hopefully 2021 will also be an amazing reading year. What did you read in December? Any favorites we need to keep an eye out for? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Awesome wrap-up – Need to read The Seven Deaths …, and my brother keeps trying to get me to watch the anime of Promised Neverland with him 🤣definitely need to read the manga too!Great post!!! 💜

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