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Isabelle and I were talking recently about our Netgalley books. I still have to review so many and I’m failing terribly at my goal to get my feedback ratio to 80% this year. That’s when I started things about the books I’ve got on Netgalley and need to read. I already own a lot of these physically now as well. Let’s take a look at which ones have already appeared on my shelves before reading my e-arc! Hopefully this will motivate me to prioritize these.

More Than We Can Tell – Brigid Kemmerer

I think this is actually one of the first books I requested on Netgalley besides the ones I got from the Read Now category. I was really proud of this one. Letters to the Lost is a book I need to read before this one. Even if they’re companion novels. I love these covers!

The Universe is Expanding and So Am I – Carolyn Mackler

The Universe is Expanding and So Am I is one I bought, because I forgot to download my galley. I could’ve sworn I did, but it’s nowhere to be found on my Kindle. As I’m typing this, I’m reading the first book on Scribd now. Which hopefully means this one will follow shortly.

American Royals – Katharine McGee

I actually wasn’t going to buy this one before reading my galley, but when I saw it in the bookstore I couldn’t resist. The paperback has really pretty sprayed edges. The pink really suits this book, so it just had to be on my shelf.

The Beautiful & The Damned – Renee Ahdieh

I bought The Beautiful during a trip to the bookstore last December (I know, it’s awful, haha). At the time I had read 23% of my galley and was really enjoying it. By now I need to start over again, because I don’t remember much. The Damned is a book I only added to my shelf last week after opening my Halloween swap box. The covers are too beautiful not to have on my shelves.

Girls of Storm and Shadow – Natasha Ngan

This is the sequel to Girls of Paper and Fire (that I still need to read). A friend of mine saw that Fairyloot was doing a special edition and it looked gorgeous. It wasn’t too expensive, so I ordered it. In the end we got an extra dust jacket as well, because the special edition had been delivered to stores and wasn’t unique anymore, haha.

The Bookworm Crush – Lisa Brown Roberts

In all honesty this was a cover buy for me. I love all of the illustrated covers and know I’ll love this one. I bought it when I got Christmas money last year. It’s actually a bigger book than I expected, but that’s never an issue for me.

Foul is Fair – Hannah Capin

When I started reading my galley I noticed that whenever a word has double letters (like apple), they disappear. It’s really hard to read even when you know what it’s supposed to be. To save myself the trouble I bought the paperback. Isabelle really enjoyed this book, so I have a feeling I won’t regret having this one.

Of Curses and Kisses – Sandhya Menon

Again, I love the illustrated covers. I love books that take place at boarding schools and this is a contemporary spin of Beauty and the Beast. It’s not that long, so I should be able to read Of Curses and Kisses pretty quickly.

The Love Hypothesis – Laura Steven

When I got this one on Netgalley, I didn’t realize it was only a sample. Laura Steven is an amazing author and I loved The Exact Opposite of Okay, so I knew I needed this one. I love the colors and having the whole book is better than just a sample. I recently read A Girl Called Shameless, so next up is The Love Hypothesis.

I’m actually surprised that out of the 120 books I still need to review (I know this is terrible, haha), I only have 10 of them on my shelves. I honestly thought it would be more. I do have two coming my way soon though (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and The Once and Future Witches), but I don’t own them yet, so I’m not adding them to the list.

How about you? Have you ever bought the physical book to add to your shelf before reading your e-arc from Netgalley? Let me know in the comments!

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