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LJ Evans has quickly become one of my favorite authors and with every book proves why she’s on this list. The newest Anchor novel, Damaged Desires, is available to read now and after reading Guarded Dreams, Forged by Sacrifice and Avenged by Love I was so excited to get my hands on this newest story in the series. Keep on reading to find out more!

A big thanks to the author for kindly providing me an e-arc to read and review.

“Challenge accepted!” were the last words she expected him to utter, and now it’s a race to see who will back down first.

Dani Whittaker has turned in her Washington D.C. insider badge, leaving behind the backstabbing ways and seedy politicians. When a friendly favor ends with the one man she can’t have making her body sing in ways she hates to adore, D.C. isn’t the only thing she needs to escape.

Navy SEAL, Nash Wellesley, is all about honoring a promise to his dead brother, so accepting a dare from the long-legged force of nature tempting him isn’t in the cards. Not if he wants to keep his only remaining friend and stick to the code he grew up on.

But retreat is impossible after Dani’s new job puts her in the headlights of a fanatic, and Nash is called upon to protect her.

When the chase ends, will they be left shattered or will they emerge from the ashes together?

Author’s Note: This broody, honor-bound SEAL and confident, daring heroine just might make you laugh, tear your heart out, and slowly combust. Are you ready for it?

From award-winning author, LJ Evans, comes a standalone, frenemy, military romance about the triumphant healing power of love inspired by Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”
*Contains nongraphic assault flashbacks not involving the hero.


“The damn charcoaled muscle, which barely could beat for the people I considered family, had been beating for weeks at her siren call.”

Every time I read a book by LJ Evans I think nothing will be able to top it. Then she writes a new book and I say this again. Once again, that was the case with Damaged Desires. I just can’t get enough of her way with words and the amazing characters she creates. Damaged Desires is a book I won’t be forgetting anytime soon and plan to reread again in the future!

Dani and Nash are characters we’ve previously met and I was really excited when their book was announced. Both of them are a bit broken after tragic events and are trying to find a way to cope. The emotions in Damaged Desires felt so real and if I’m honest I teared up a time or two. Even though Dani and Nash both have a good reason to go and hide, they don’t. They may not realize they have it in them, but they’re stronger than they’ll ever know. I loved seeing them fight to overcome their demons and the fact that it brought them closer together is an amazing outcome.

Dani is a strong woman with a lot of sass. I love her to pieces. She had me laughing out loud and I knew she’d win her battle. After getting knocked down, Dani won’t let anyone stop her anymore. Even when things get pretty intense in this story, Dani keeps on going. Weakness is something she won’t show. Also, she has a heart of gold.

Nash is a SEAL and will always be one. Even after a mission ends with tragic consequences, he only sees himself as a soldier. I loved that this time around LJ highlighted more of the military aspect for Nash. How loyal he felt to it and what that does to him and his everyday life. Just like Dani, Nash is broken after something no one should have to go through. After reading his story, he definitely got the top spot on the book boyfriend list. Nash is strong and protecting, but there’s also a sensitive side that just needs to be loved. I loved reading his journey.

“I’d gone from anxious to a fire-breathing dragon.”

This is definitely a slow burn romance, but in the best way. Neither of them thinks they’re relationship material, but need each other more than they would admit. The tension jumps off the page, but I think my favorite part of this romance is that they help heal each other and become stronger than ever. I could write a book on how much I loved them together, haha.

Damaged Desires is a raw and emotional story with a touch of suspense. I loved this part of the story, because it definitely had me on the edge of my seat while reading! We also got another glimpse of the amazing cast of characters we’ve met along the way. It’s always fun reading more about characters you’ve come to love. Last but not least, LJ provided us with another amazing playlist. She always incorporates music in her stories and these songs fit the book and characters perfectly. I definitely recommend listening to the playlist while reading! It adds an extra element to the reading experience.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend this book more! Damaged Desires can be read as a standalone, but you’ll miss so much amazing things and understand the story better if you read them all.

If you can’t tell after reading my review, I loved Damaged Desires. I just love when books grab you and just don’t let go. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book written by LJ Evans. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, I definitely recommend you do!

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