Bookhaul | September 2020

We’re at the start of the month, so it’s time to take a look back at the month before. As usual, we’re going to start off with our September bookhaul. What books did we add to our collections? Were we good? Keep on reading to find out!


In September I added some amazing books to my collection! In total I added 11 books to my collection. Out of the 11 books, 4 I received in my blog birthday box (click on the link to see what books they were) and 1 was sent to me by an author. So I bought 6 of them myself. Let’s take a look!

The Wolf and the Water – Josie Jaffrey

A book based off Atlantis and with mythology. I couldn’t say no when I read that. The author was sweet and sent me a signed copy of The Wolf and the Water that releases this month. My review will be up later this month!

The Red Scrolls of Magic & The Lost Book of the White – Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu

I’m a big fan of the Shadowhunter world and really enjoyed The Red Scrolls of Magic when I read it earlier this year. Magnus is one of my favorite characters, so I was glad when this trilogy was announced. Only I didn’t like the cover at all! They’ve now gotten a remake and the sequel released last month. I want to reread the first and then dive into the sequel. I just hate that the paperbacks aren’t the same size.

You Had Me at Hola – Alexis Daria

I was really excited for this one and loved the cover. Illustrated covers are something I keep seeing more of and am loving! I actually read this one already and it was a fun read. I’m happy we did this one for the Swoonalong in TBR and Beyond on Facebook.

Beastly Bones – William Ritter

I recently read Jackaby with Ellie from Read to Ramble and we were both pleasantly surprised about the start of this series. We both really want to continue with the series, so we decided to buy the second book and read it in October.

The Bone Garden – Heather Kassner

In October there’s going to be a spooky MG readalong and The Bone Garden got picked. The cover looks spooky and it sounds like the perfect Halloween read.

Furyborn – Claire Legend

Furyborn has been a book I’ve been curious about for quite awhile. The third and final book is releasing this month, so I think it’s time to give it a go. I’ve seen some mixed reviews, but I’m looking forward to buddyreading this one soon.


Finally a month I did get some new books! However, they’ve all been books I got in the Blog B’day Box Candyce got me haha. I got two graphic novels and two paperbacks. All of them amazing and I can’t wait to read them all <3.

So those were the books we added to our collections in September! Have you read any of them? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you bought any books last month, let us know what you added to your shelves.

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  1. I’ve heard the romances are great in Furyborn, so I think I’m gonna pick that series up as well. I’m also getting into that time of year where I want to read tons of fantasies!

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