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In the three years we have been blogging we wrote over 450 reviews! Can you believe that? So we thought it would be fun and look back at some of our favourite reviews we wrote. It was hard just picking a couple from so many but we did manage! So let’s take a look at those reviews.


The Exact Opposite of Okay – Laura Steven We both decided to read this book, because we were going to meet the author. Neither of us expected to be so blown away by this book. Two years later and we’re still talking about this book.

Tower of Dawn – Sarah J Maas When we first started blogging, this book had only been out a short time. Seeing how Throne of Glass brought us together, we thought it would be amazing to have Tower of Dawn be the first books we reviewed together!

My Lady Jane – Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows This is a favorite just because we loved this book so much. My Lady Jane was such a pleasant surprise and we were both upset it took us so long to read this book. Since then we read the other two books in the trilogy and can’t wait for these authors to join forces again.

Emergence – S.G.D. Singh One of the first review copies we received were the books in the Infernal Guard trilogy by S.G.D. Singh. These are still some of the most underrated books we ever read and we loved writing a review for all three of them.


I’ve read a lot and written quite a few reviews since we started blogging. A lot of these books were amazing and I can say I’ve been lucky with picking good books. There are so many reviews I would choose to talk about now, but I’ll pick a few for now.

Autoboyography – Christina Lauren I wanted to choose this one, because it was one of my earlier reviews. On top of that, I ended up being a major fangirl, becaue my review was retweeted by Christina Lauren. I wasn’t expecting that (didn’t tag the author), so it was such a pleasant surprise. And on top of that, Autoboyography was an amazing book.

The Promised One – Morgan G. Farris This is an author and series that deserves so much more attention than she gets. I honestly feel that these books are hidden gems and The Promised One is the first book. As I’m typing this, I’m anxiously awaiting the fifth book!

My Life as a Country Album – LJ Evans If I’m honest, I don’t remember how I stumbled upon these author’s books. All I know is that this book sounded amazing and I ended up winning the e-books in this series. This author combines music in her stories that fits well and her stories hit you in all the feels. On top of writing amazing books, LJ is an amazing person.

Warrior Blue – Kelsey Kingsley Another amazing author that deserves all of the attention in the world. Her books are so emotional, but they suck you in and just don’t let you go. I really feel her books are unique and there hasn’t been one I haven’t loved. Warrior Blue is a special one though. I read this book after losing a family member and it just hit me in the right way!


Sometimes I struggle a bit with writing reviews but other times I’m in the flow and are super happy with how they turn out. When we planned this post I started looking through some of the reviews I wrote and I’ve read some amazing books in the past three years! So let’s take a look.

Foul is Fair – Hannah Capin At the start of the year I read an eARC of Foul is Fair. And I absolutely adored it! It was a very dark and brutal book but it was also very good. I’ve read two books by Hannah Capin so far and you can bet I will be reading more by her.

There Is Someone Inside Your House – Stephanie Perkins So this is actually not a favorite book at all haha. I was very disappointed by this one, but it was one of my first reviews and upon looking back I do think I did a pretty good job at explaining why I was disappointed. So I think the review was good haha. Just not the book 😉

The Seven 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle This is one of my favorite books and it was a pretty hard review to write. I didn’t want to spoil anything but I also wanted to talk and gush about the book haha. While I have seen some people talk about this book, I do think it’s pretty underrated and I would for more people to pick it up!

King of Scars – Leigh Bardugo I adore Leigh Bardugo and King of Scars was such a highly anticipated release for me!! Luckily I also loved the book and I loved writing that review. We finally got a title and cover for the sequel and I cannot wait for that book. I hope it lives up to my expectations!

So those are some of the reviews we’ve written over the past three years that we loved! We hope you’ve enjoyed some of the reviews we’ve written since we started blogging. And here’s to many more reviews to come.

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