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If you’ve been on this blog before, you know I’m a big fan of Kayla Tirrell’s books. In fact, one of her books was one of the first reviews to be found on The Book Dutchesses. Since then she’s written quite a few books. Love in the Arena is her newest series and I loved Penalty Box. Today is the the release day for the sequel, Out of Play. Keep on reading for my review!

A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Emmeline doesn’t date soccer players. 

This rookie’s determined to change her mind. 

There’s no other way Emmeline would rather spend her Saturday nights than watching the Storm play. But being a fan is where her love stops. To her, professional athletes are just a bunch of self-absorbed meatheads who don’t know a thing about the real world. She wouldn’t date one for a million bucks.

Between a professional soccer career and a part-time job, Grant is feeling the hustle of being a rookie. Nothing can stop him from reaching his dreams—except an unfortunate injury that puts him on the bench for weeks. It’s not all bad though. There’s a cute girl on the sidelines to keep him company. An amazing, uninterested, off-limits girl that he can’t stop thinking about.

Can Grant convince Emmeline to give him a chance?

Or will he stay out of play and miss his shot?


“Yeah, she might be in trouble when it came to that boy, but at least she was going to enjoy it.”

Kayla Tirrell did it again with her second book in the Love of the Arena series. I thought Silas was going to be hard to beat, but he can move on over for Grant! Out of Play was the perfect combination of romance, humor, sports and drama. I never as much about this sport as I did before starting this series.

Grant is the rookie of the Storm and he’s making way to start his career. He seems like a hardworking and sweet guy, who has a backup plan for if it doesn’t go the way he wants it to. I thought this was really responsible. Grant jokes around, but he’s happy where he is.
Emmeline is a character I loved from the start. She’s a teacher and loves her job with all of her heart. Sometimes she even gets a bit too involved, but she just wants her students to be happy! Growing up family wasn’t always either, but her brother has always been there for her. Even after every heartbreak. After a few not so fun experiences, Emmeline decides athletes just aren’t for her. But can she resist the rookie?

“The no-dating-players rule existed to protect her heart, but it was too late. As much as she’d tried to fight against it, she cared for Grant.”

Dating the friend’s/teammate’s sister are always fun romances to read. It’s supposed to be off limits, but isn’t that all the fun? I loved that both of these characters noticed each other, but both weren’t looking for a relationship. Something kept pulling them to each other and all the flirting was so much fun! Out of Play had me laughing out loud and really rooting for these two to be together. I think this book also shows us family means the best, even if they don’t always show it in the right way. Her brother definitely learned his lesson.

On top of a sweet romance, I loved the cast of side character. Of course, we see Miriam and Silas. Also, Emmeline’s best friend and the other athletes were so much fun. I need them to all get their own stories! All in all, this was such a fast and fun romance! A perfect summer read!

This was such a fun read and I’m already looking forward to getting more! Sports romances are really addicting! Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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