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It’s Thursday and tag day on the blog. I’ve noticed lately that there haven’t really been tags I’ve been up to doing. On Tuesday I saw the Stay at Home Book Tag on Fi’s Bibliofiles blog and decided to tag myself. Definitely check out her amazing blog! Also, keep on reading to see what the tag is all about!

Laying In Bed: A Book You Read In A Day

A book I read in a day, but haven’t talked much about on the blog is The Upside of Falling. This is a really cute contemporary and the main character is a fan of romance books. I’ve said this before, but I’m always happy when a character loves books or blogs, haha!

Snacking: A Guilty Pleasure Read

I’ve said this before, but I don’t believe in guilty pleasure reads. If I want to read something and love it, I’m not feeling guilty about. Everyone needs to read what they love. Books that do make me smile and feel good are romantic comedies. One I just recently read and loved is Cheesy on the Eyes. Teagan Hunter is one of my go to authors for feel good stories with amazing characters.

Netflix: A Series You Want To Start

The All for the Games series is one I just mentioned yesterday in our Wishlist Wednesday post. The Foxhole Court is the first book and I’m excited to read it. Isabelle actually read this book in one day and loved it, so I just can’t help but read it sooner than planned!

Deep Clean: A Book That’s Been On Your TBR Forever

I could write a very long list with books that have been on my TBR forever, haha. One that recently caught my eye again is The Becoming of Noah Shaw. The Mara Dyer trilogy is one that I loved and want to reread. I am determined to do a reread and then continue with the two books already released in The Shaw Confessions!

Animal Crossing: A Book You Bought Because Of The Hype

One of my most recent purchases is Sky in the Deep. I definitely bought this one because of the hype. So many readers love this book and talk about how amazing it is. I think it’s time I find out what the hype is all about!

Productivity: A Book You Learned From Or Had An Impact On You

The first book that came to mind when I read this prompt is The Exact Opposite of Okay. I’ve mentioned this book many times before in tags and different posts. This book proves how much sex still brings stereotypes. Guys can sleep around and be seen as popular, but girls do the exact same and it’s frowned upon. The Exact Opposite of Okay shows all of the consequences and how painful stuff like this can be. I really think this a book that needs to be read!

FaceTime: A Book You Were Gifted

I’ve been lucky to have been gifted quite a few books over the years as gifts for different holidays and my birthday! My birthday was in March and one of the books I was gifted is Havenfall by Sara Holland. I haven’t read it yet, but a few friends of mine enjoyed it and I’m excited to read it!

Self Care: One Thing You’ve Done Recently To Look After Yourself

The world has been a crazy place the last few months and that makes self care even more important than normal. For me it’s been reading and watching shows I love. Sometimes just sitting down and watching or reading something that makes you relax is all you need. Me time is so important!

Bonus: An Upcoming Release You’re Looking Forward To

How can I choose just one release I’m really looking forward to?!? There are just too many to mention, haha. One I’m looking forward to is Boyfriend Material. I love the fake relationship trope and these books almost always end up leaving a smile on my face!


So that’s it for the Stay at Home Book Tag! This one was a lot of fun! I tag anyone who wants to do this tag. If you do, let me know, I would love to read your answers. Also, what upcoming release are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

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