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Last month we posted our TBRs for the Magical Readathon (Part 1 & Part 2) this year. We both set up a TBR to get our O.W.L.s. We’re both terrible at completing readathons, so we thought that by posting something about our progress would maybe help us along. We’re at the halfway mark now, so let’s take a look at our Magical Readathon update. How are we doing so far?


I couldn’t decide on a career, so I decided I at least wanted to read for the ones I was thinking about. I couldn’t decide between librarian, mind medic and care of magical children. If I were to do the O.W.L.s for these characters, I needed to read 9 prompts. Let’s see how I’m doing so far.

Ancient Runes –
Heart of the Cover or in the Title

A Heart so Fierce and Broken was put on my TBR for this prompt.

Update This is a book that keeps looking at me when I walk by my shelves. I haven’t started yet, but I hope to at the beginning of next week!

Arithmancy –
Read Something Outside Your Favorite Genre

I mostly read contemporary and fantasy, so I needed something new. When I wrote my TBR, I chose Sawkill Girls. I only recently started reading horror last year. I’m curious to see if I will enjoy it more, so this book seemed perfect.

Update I actually started this book right before typing this. After three chapters, I’m definitely curious to see where this will go. Horror isn’t my go to genre, so hopefully I’ll end up loving this one!

Charms –
White Cover

So many of my books have white covers, but there are a few that have been calling to me. One of Us is Next. I really need to get to reading more sequels.

Update Even though I put One of Us is Next on my list for this book, I just wasn’t feeling it when I decided to read for this O.W.L. Last month I added A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder to my list and really wanted to read this one. I don’t regret my choice at all. This book was really good!

Defence Against the Dark Arts –
Book Set at the Sea/Coast

Readathons seem like the perfect way to get to my backlist, so I chose Passenger for this prompt.

Update This is an O.W.L. I haven’t started yet, but I may change books. I’ll keep an eye out for other books for this that fits my mood better. I still have half a month to go, so I should be good!

Herbology –
Title Starts with an M

Even though I probably only quite a few books that start with an M, I bought The Merciful Crow for this prompt. I’ve heard so many good things, so I couldn’t resist.

Update I haven’t started this O.W.L. yet, but plan on doing so this week!

History of Magic –
Book Featuring Witches/Wizards

A friend of mine started a readalong for The Black Witch series right after I decided to choose The Iron Flower, so that was amazing timing.

Update I was just about ready to pick up The Iron Flower when I decided to do a reread of The Black Witch. It’s only been a year since reading this one, but so much happens. To really enjoy The Iron Flower as much as I can, I want to make sure I remember everything. I’m 15 chapters in now and loving every minute of it!

Muggle Studies –

This is definitely my genre and I own so many it’s almost impossible to choose. The Bookworm Crush is one I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time though, so that’s what I added to my TBR.

Update I’ve actually changed the book I planned on reading. Recently, Alma Underwood is Not a Kleptomaniac was free on Kindle. I loved the author’s book Devil Side. This is a young adult contemporary. I’m halfway through when typing this and am enjoying it so far!

Potions –
Book Under 150 Pages

I don’t own a lot of books under 150 pages, but a graphic novel seemed to fit perfectly. I’ve been reading them a lot, because of Scribd. Before that though, when I wrote my TBR I actually ordered Fence Vol. 1. Isabelle was a big fan, so I knew I needed to read it.

Update I actually read Fence Vol. 1 the first week of April. I love graphic novels and this is one I really need to continue with. Fencing isn’t something I know a lot about, but it’s always something that’s seemed interesting. My only complaint is that I was done way too quickly.

Transfiguration –
Book/Series That Includes Shapeshifting

Like I said in my TBR post, I’ve recently seen a lot of people reading My Lady Jane. I read this book quite some time ago and loved it. And with everyone reading it, I really wanted to do a re-read. My Calamity Jane releases in June, so this seemed like the perfect time to start again.

Update I started the audiobook at the beginning of the month and loved it! So many people said it was amazing and they were right. It was great being back in this world and with these characters. I laughed during my first time reading it, but the narrator definitely made me laugh even more. She did a great job.

O.W.L.s. earned so far: 3/9


I picked the Magizoologist career and added Dragon Tamer training and Merpeople Linguistics. This means I need to earn only 5 O.W.L.’s. While it’s nice to have an ‘easier’ time I also really wanted to read books for more O.W.L.’s. So I decided to try and take on as many O.W.L.’s as possibly. I want to prioritize the ones I need for my career but I’m already well on my way with the other ones.

Care of Magical Creatures –
creature with a beak on the cover

I planned on reading Call Down the Hawk and my updated back up choices were House of Earth and Blood or Godsgrave. Call Down the Hawk was already on my TBR and I’m excited to find out what this new spin-off series will be about.

Update I did not read any of my original choices haha. You may have seen that I went on a Harry Potter binge. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which features a phoenix (including a beak) on the cover!

Charms –
White cover

I planned on reading Godsgrave for this one, with Sadie as my back up book. Both are books I already owned and want to read quite badly!

Update I found Sadie on Scribd and decided to go with that audiobook. And it was a terrific choice, I loved the book but the audiobook made it even better!

Herbology –
Title starts with an M

Like Candyce, I bought The Merciful Crow specifically for this prompt. And of course, I bought it because I really want to read it haha.

Update I did read a book I could use for this prompt, however I really want to read The Merciful Crow and I plan on doing so this week. If I don’t manage to read this one, I can still use the other book for Herbology.

Potions –
Book under 150 pages

I planned on reading The Test for this prompt and actually bought it for that purpose. There are some graphic novels on my shelves I could use as a back up.

Update I read and loved the Test! This was a wonderful read and I honestly hope it get’s picked up to become a movie.

Do extra research on dragons –
Read a book with dragons

This is definitely an extra one for me! But the plan was to read The Black Witch or as a backup The Priory of the Orange Tree.

Update I haven’t read anything for this prompt yet, but I do plan on reading The Black Witch. The plan was to start reading it this week with Candyce, hopefully I can do so!

Extra O.W.L.’s

Ancient Runes –
Heart on the cover or in the title

I looked in the suggestions file for this one, and if I do manage to read another book I will probably go with Heartless. Heartless has been sitting on my shelves for years now and it’s about time I pick it up!

Arithmancy – 
Something outside your comfort zone

I have two options for this and I’m currently reading both! One is Harry Potter: A History of Magic, one of the non-fiction books that goes more into depth about the books. Non-fiction is far from my comfort zone! The other book is The Bromance Book Club. I’d say that’s adult romance probably and I don’t usually pick those up either.

Astronomy –
Read something when it’s dark outside

This is one I did already manage to do! I read Middlewest before I went to sleep and it was definitely dark outside. Middlewest is the book I will count towards Herbology if I don’t manage to read anything else for that.

Defense at the Dark Arts –
Set at sea/coast

It would be great to finally read Daughter of the Siren Queen for this one! That way I can also cross another completed series of the list haha. Let’s hope I have time for it!

Divination – 
Random chosen book

I haven’t done this yet and I think I’ll only choose some books when I have time left. At the moment I’m thinking off using my unread manga to randomly pick one from.

History of Magic –
Features witches/wizards

Another one I can cross of the list! Like I mentioned before, I reread the Harry Potter books so I’ll be using Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for this one. At the moment I’m once again completely obsessed with the Wizarding World and I might just do another reread even though I just finished all 7 books.

Muggle Studies –
Contemporary book

This one was probably the reason I wanted to try and do all of them haha. I really want to read A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and since I already read Sadie I didn’t need it for the Charms prompt. So I want to use that one for Muggle Studies.

Transfiguaration –
Features shapeshifting

Another one I can cross of the list. I figured that shapeshifting could also mean taking a poly juice potion… And that comes into play in the last Harry Potter book! So happy I get to fulfill 3 prompts with Harry Potter books <3

O.W.L.s. earned so far: 6/12

So that’s how we’re doing with our O.W.L.s so far. Hopefully we’re able to finish them all before we post our wrap up at the end of April. If you’re participating, how are you doing? Have you read any good books so far? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Bookish Item| Magical Readathon Update

  1. Awesome list of books you two! I haven’t heard of some of these, so I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Some great looking books here! I’ve always wanted to do this readathon because I love the theme, but I can never manage to get myself together for it.

    1. Hopefully you eventually participate! It’s a lot of fun 🙂

  3. This looks like a fun reading challenge! I’ve never managed to complete one other than the Goodreads challenge. Beat the Backlist is one I’ve been trying to accomplish a couple of years, but I’ve always failed. But this one looks like a fun one to participate in. Good luck to both of you on hopefully completing the challenge. Your lists look really great!

    1. Thank you <3
      Yeah, we’ve had problems completing them as well, that’s why we decided to give a progress update. Makes us a bit more aware and maybe a little more motivated!

  4. I really like this! I feel like I don’t see blog post about updates very much so this was refreshing!

    1. Thank you <3
      That’s what we thought. We wanted to show our progress!

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