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So far we’ve talked a lot about the books we loved! We had a list of our favorite backlist books, 2019 releases, romances and graphic novels. While we’re both really lucky to have read so many amazing books, some of these didn’t live up to our expectations. So today we’re talking about our most disappointing reads of 2019! Let’s take a look.


After reading 300 books in 2019, I’m really happy with what I read. It’s to be expected that I read a few that just weren’t what I was expecting or hoping for when I picked it up. In 2019 I had five books that disappointed me so much that they got 2/2,5 stars and even one 1 star read.

Tithe – Holly Black
2,5 stars

This trilogy got some hype again last year when it was released in a bundle called The Modern Faerie Tales. I decided to participate in the faerieathon, because I really did want to give The Cruel Prince a try. Let’s just say I didn’t continue after Tithe. The main character really annoyed me and to me it felt like nothing really happened. There were a couple of likeable characters, but that was it. I know the second book has a different main character, so I do want to give it a go eventually.

Bad Girls Academy – Bailey Cruz
2,5 stars

I saw this book and after reading the synopsis, I was curious. Books that take place at boarding schools are a favorite of mine. This book said to have a boarding school for spies. Unfortunately that’s about all the mention you get. There was barely any time at the school, events felt really unbelievable and it never felt like we really got down to the story. The main character is rather shallow and there is instalove.

Bad Girls Rivalry – Bailey Cruz
2,5 stars

Many of you probably think, if you didn’t enjoy the first book, why pick up the sequel? I was really hoping that the second book would make up for a lot of the things I was missing in Bad Girls Academy. Again, I loved the concept, but it just wasn’t done well. We do get a bit more of the characters and school, but definitely not enough. Also, this story once again focuses on looks way too much. So much so, that the main character basically goes topless to become popular on Instagram. I won’t be reading the third book in this trilogy!

Gideon the Ninth – Tasmyn Muir
2 stars

A lot of you probably won’t agree with me on this, but Gideon the Ninth just wasn’t the book for me. I really wanted to like it, because it sounded like it was going to be amazing. The concept is so interesting and there were definitely things I liked. Except the worldbuilding never really took off for me, I was confused through most of the book. I didn’t really feel like I got to know the characters and when I was done reading, I wasn’t really sure what had happened. You can’t like them all I guess!

Blackwell – Alexandra Weis
1 star

This was my first and only 1 star book last year. Magnus Blackwell is a series I ended up hearing about, because there was a blog tour sign up for the third book. If you signed up, you got the rest of the series as well. It sounded interesting, so I thought, why not? This book had also gotten a lot of high ratings, so I was excited. Unfortunately this book got really dark and not in a way I liked. The main character was just really evil and took things too far in my opinion. Let’s just say that I didn’t continue after this one.


I’m usually pretty good at picking books I will like, but every now and then I do read a book that really dissapoints me. And this year I did give out a couple of 1 and 2 stars! It doesn’t happen often but this year there were 6 books with 2,5 stars or less. So let’s take a look at those!

2,5 stars

Let It Snow – Maureen Johnson, John Green & Lauren Myracle

The trailer for the Netflix movie looked like a lot of fun so I was super excited to see the audiobook for this one. And it was just before Christmas so I was definitely in the mood for this. But it was pretty disappointing. I didn’t like most of the characters and two of the three stories were pretty boring. In my opinion the movie was actually a lot better than the book!

Tithe – Holly Black

I was so excited to participate in the faerieathon! We were going to read all Holly Black’s faerie books in anticipation of the release of The Queen of Nothing. But I wanted to DNF this one basically since the first chapter. I actually think I hated this haha. At some point I do want to read the other books in this particular series since I already own them. And I did love the Folk of the Air series! But I might need to force myself a bit on these….

2 stars

Riverdale: Get Out of Town – Micol Ostow

As a fan of Riverdale I was pretty excited for these books. I liked the first book okay, but this second one was a big disappointment. This installment didn’t really bring anything to the table, there was no plot or point to the book and I was pretty bored. I recently read the Sabrina prequel book and that was what I was hoping for these Riverdale books. The characters are still themselves but it just seemed unnecessary.

Defy Me – Tahereh Mafi

I was really looking forward to this one! Last year we got the start to a new story arc in this series and I quite liked that one. It ended on a cliffhanger so I was excited to start Defy Me. But oh my was this a disappointment! The whole book just seemed to exists to explain stuff through flashbacks and while they were enjoyable at first, they started to annoy me after a while. I didn’t get what this book was adding that it needed to be a whole book and not a novella. Hopefully the conclusion will be satisfying!

Paradise Kiss – Ai Yazawa

I had this one on my TBR for a while and I was pretty excited. After watching a favorite book tuber of mine, I picked this one up so I was expecting it to be quite good. But unfortunately I really didn’t like it. I didn’t like the characters and thought the story was incredibly slow. Normally I don’t mind a slow story but combined with the annoying characters this is a series I won’t be continuing.

1 star

The Hockey Saint – Howard Shapiro

This was my second read of the year and that made it even more disappointing! I got an eARC and was pretty exciting. It’s a sports graphic novel but there didn’t seem to be any point to the story. I also didn’t like the art style and just kept wondering what I was reading and why I kept going. Definitely my worst read of the year!

So these are the books that disappointed us last year! It’s never fun when you don’t like a book, but it happens. What were your disappointing reads of 2019? Let us know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Most Disappointing 2019 Reads

  1. I read Restore me and didn’t enjoy that and since the release of Defy me so many people have been saying it was a disappointment, I don’t know if I should continue on with the series now, What are you thoughts for a girl who didn’t like Restore me? I actually liked Adam in that book is he in Defy me a lot?

    1. To be honest, I would just skip it! I have only one book left so I really feel like I should read that one. But if you didn’t really like the first one, I’m pretty sure you won’t like the rest. As far as I remember, Adam was hardly in Defy Me.

  2. I was really into Riverdale the first couple of seasons, didn’t know there were books. Think I’ll stick with the Archie comics ?

    1. Haha, the comics are great! I still quite like the tv show but wouldn’t really recommend the book series haha.

  3. I’m with you on Gideon the Ninth – I was so excited for that, and tried so hard to like it, but ended up abandoning it. Nothing about it – characters, story, tone, writing, voice – worked for me. By far my biggest disappointment.

    Frankissstein: A Love Story by Jeanette Winterson was less a disappointment and more a brutal hate fest. I loathed that with a vengeance.

  4. I have Gideon the Ninth on my list – I’ve seen a lot of reviews both ways on this one though, so I’m going in with careful expectations and not trying to get caught up in the hype.

  5. I need to continue the Shatter Me Series but now you are making a bit nervous. Sorry you didn’t like Gideon the Ninth. It’s definitely a book that is very character driven. World building was lacking.

    1. I really hope the last book in the Shatter Me series redeems the disappointing fifth book! I have pretty high hopes haha

  6. The Shatter Me series has me torn. I keep seeing so many mixed reviews that I want to try it for myself but don’t want to waste my time if it’s not my speed?? Great post!

    1. It’s a hard one! I didn’t really like the first trilogy, loved book 4, hated book 5 haha. Maybe try the first one? Although that was probably my least favorite one after book 5. aaah, no help here at all 😉

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