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This is our fourth 2019 Favorite Reads post. After doing a Graphic Novel/Manga one, a Romantic Reads one, and a Backlist Books one it’s time for our favorite 2019 Releases! We both read quite some 2019 releases this year and we found some amazing ones. So let’s see which one’s are our favorites!


I read a lot of 2019 releases, but plenty were romances that I already talked about a few days ago. Out of these 15 releases there were nine 5 star reads and six 4-4,5 stars. I enjoyed all of these books and definitely recommend them all!

15. Switchback – Danika Stone
4 stars

Danika Stone is an author I really enjoy. All the Feels is still one of my favorite contemporary books. Switchback was an amazing survival story. I actually got cold while reading what these characters had to go through. There were maybe a few aspects I would’ve done differently, but I was impressed!

14. On the Come Up – Angie Thomas
4 stars

On the Come Up was a hard book to read, but so important. Bri’s story really sucked me in and I think it hit in all the feels, because of the reality of it. I finished this book really quickly and when I was done, all I wanted was more Bri. Even though the story was ended well, I loved Bri so much that I just wanted more.

13. The Girl King – Mimi Yu
4 stars

I was taken by surprise by this book. The worldbuilding was really interesting, the characters sucked me in and there were definitely a few plot twists I didn’t really see coming. On top of that, it has a stunning cover (including the UK cover)! I can’t wait for the sequel!

12. Wilder Girls – Rory Power
4 stars

Horror isn’t normally a genre I pick up, but Wilder Girls was everywhere before it released. The cover, blurb and all of the positive reviews made me very curious. I definitely don’t regret picking this one up. The story was interesting, even if it was a bit graphic at times. My only issue was the ending. Wilder Girls is a standalone and even the story was over, too much was left open for me!

11. The Wicked King – Holly Black
4 stars

Yesterday you read about me enjoying The Cruel Prince a lot more than expected! So much so, that I picked up The Wicked King right after I finished! The Wicked King was another rollercoaster ride, but it took me a little longer to really get sucked in. The Queen of Nothing is on my list to read really soon.

10. Killing November – Adriana Mather
4 stars

I have to say this cover wasn’t one that made me want to pick it up. I’m really not a fan of people on the cover. Killing November was definitely a pleasant surprise though! November is a really interesting character with skills you don’t expect. On top of that, she’s attending the kind of school you don’t expect. I can’t wait for the sequel!

9. Suggested Reading – Dave Connis
4.5 stars

Suggested Reading is a book I stumbled upon when looking for a new audiobook to listen to. Our main character loves books and fights for the right to read books her school doesn’t want students to read. This book really shows the power of books and I really recommend it.

8. Going Off Script – Jen Wilde
4.5 stars

Our main character, Bex, wants to write for television and gets a chance to do so on her favorite TV show. First of all, I love it when characters are passionate about something and have a fandom. She faces a lot of challenges, but grows a lot! Jen Wilde writes amazing characters and I can’t wait for her next book.

7. A Treason of Thorns – Laura E. Weymouth
5 stars

Some authors have a way with words and Laura E. Weymouth is one of them! I was excited for this after her first book and she didn’t disappoint. I’ve never read a book like this where a house has feelings and can influence the weather and everything around it. She really should give us more books like this.

6. The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James – Ashley Herring Blake
5 stars

Many people I know told me that Ashley Herring Blake can hit you in all the feels with her books. That happened to me with The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James. The main character sunny was sick for awhile, but after waiting for awhile, she got a heart transplant. Sunny has a lot to deal with now that she has a whole new life. I loved Sunny discovering more about herself, but also how family and friends played a big part in this story.

5. Friend or Fiction – Abby Cooper
5 stars

Friend or Fiction is another book that hit me in all the feels. Our main character’s dad had cancer and she seemed to cope with her imaginary friend. This book deals with a lot of hard things and I am very happy with how the author wrote this. I think it’s important that kids this age have a book like this to relate to when experiencing similar things.

4. 10 Blind Dates – Ashley Elston
5 stars

I’m the type of person that loves holiday themed books near Christmas. 10 Blind Dates was really the perfect holiday book that I needed. The family is amazing and the blind dates really made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait for the companion novel with this crazy family.

3. A Curse so Dark and Lonely – Brigid Kemmerer
5 stars

Beauty and the Beast is one you see a lot in retellings, so I wasn’t completely sure about this one. A Curse so Dark and Lonely really took me by surprise though. I read this as a buddy read and had a hard time putting it down after I finished the chapters for the day. The sequel releases this week and I’m so excited!!

2. Don’t Say a Word – Amber Lynn Natusch
5 stars

Dare You to Lie was the book that made me want to read more mysteries/thrillers, so when I got an ARC of Don’t Say a Word I was so excited. I loved this book somuch, I read it twice! If you love Veronica Mars and Riverdale, give this series a go. I can’t wait for the third book!

1. Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan
5 stars

For a debut book, Wicked Saints was getting a lot of hype! So I decided to request it on Netgalley. This book really lived up to all the hype. The world, characters and plot all left me wanting more. I’m really excited for Ruthless Gods!


This is my top 15 2019 reads! I read 57 2019 books and 15 of them were 4,5 & 5 star reads. This list was extremely hard to compile and if you ask me again tomorrow I might change my mind again haha. I guess I’m just lucky I read such amazing books this year <3.

Honorable Mention – Foul is Fair – Hannah Capin
4,5 stars

This is actually a 2020 release so it didn’t really fit on any list. But I just had to mention it because I read this is December and absolutely loved it! You can expect a review later this month but as I said, I really liked it. It was dark and definitely not for everyone, but it was right up my alley and I could not put it down!

15. Friend or Fiction – Abby Cooper
4,5 stars

I had this eARC for months and I kept planning on reading it but somehow I just didn’t. Until I saw the audiobook on Storytel and immediately started listening to it. This was such a joy to listen to! It’s a MG novel with a speculative aspect and I enjoyed it a lot. The focus was on friendships and family and I think it could help a ton of kids.

14. Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell
4,5 stars

Right before the year ended I picked up this one! I own the gorgeous Waterstones edition with the flowery sprayed edges but I kept on putting it off to actually read it. My plan was to first reread Fangirl and Carry On but I don’t take enough time to reread. So I decided to not wait any longer and just go ahead and read Wayward Son. It was definitely not what I was expecting but I did enjoy it a lot. I’m also very excited for the third book.

13. The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas
4,5 stars

This was such a gem! I requested the eARC mostly because of the title and did expect to read such a wonderful book. We follow different characters in different timelines and it was a joy to find out how everything connected. I truly wish more people talked about this one. It also reignited my joy for time travel novels and I plan to pick up more soon.

12. The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh
4,5 stars

Vampires are back! This was definitely not the vampire novel I was expecting but it was very much a Renee Ahdieh story. I am highly anticipating the sequel, especially after that ending. It is a pretty slow story but I loved the characters  and I just need to know what happens next!

11. The Wicked King & The Queen of Nothing – Holly Black
4,5 & 5 stars

I mentioned The Cruel Prince yesterday so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing here haha. It was so much fun being a part of the readalong with a bunch of other readers. I really enjoy talking about the book while I’m reading it or right after, I think it adds to the experience. These books were just a really fun ride! For sure not the best books I ever read, but I couldn’t put the down past the halfway point and I had fun. And isn’t that what reading it about?

10. The Red Scrolls of Magic – Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu
5 stars

This one was very unexpected! While I really enjoy the Shadowhunter world and novels, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this one. I dislike the cover a lot and I just wasn’t sure what this story would add to the established story. But Cassandra Clare proved me wrong! It was a great story that definitely adds to everything we already know. I also loved reconnected with some of the OG characters!

9. Serpent & Dove – Shelby Mahurin
5 stars

A witch hunter – witch forced marriage YA novel. Do I need to say anything else? I was super excited to read this one and I was not let down! The reviews have been pretty mixed but I highly enjoyed this story. And the ending left me wanting more!! I really liked the setting and the magic system and I can’t wait for the sequel.

8. 10 Blind Dates – Ashley Elston
5 stars

Another very recent 5 star read! This is definitely my favorite holiday read of the year and possibly of ever. I loved the focus on family so much. It was also a quick and fun read and it gave me a lot of feels. For me this was truly the perfect holiday read and I just might reread it next year! Fingers crossed we have the movie by then as well.

7. Deadly Little Scandals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
5 stars

One of my favorite reads last year was Little White Lies and I’m so happy I got to put the sequel on the list this time around. Jennifer Lynn Barnes once again proved why she is one of my favorite (and most underrated) authors! This was a wonderful YA mystery/thriller with amazing characters. I had a great time reading this and I can’t wait for my next JLB <3

6. The Turn of the Key – Ruth Ware
5 stars

Not a lot of adult books made it to my list, but The Turn of the Key is one of my favorite thrillers! I listened to the audiobook and it was deliciously creepy. While reading it I had serious trouble sleeping haha. I loved it though! The way the story was told was great and I enjoyed the plot a lot.

5. King of Scars – Leigh Bardugo
5 stars

I’m a big fan of the Grishaverse and I was so happy we we’re getting a book about my favorite character from the original trilogy. And oh my god was I happy I loved it! There have been a lot of negative reviews, but I personally loved it a lot. I can see where people are coming from, but to me this book was amazing. So many wonderful characters and I just can’t wait for the next one. Can we please get a date and title for it now?

4. Tunnel of Bones – Victoria Schwab
5 stars

Victoria Schwab is another favorite author! I love all her books, she has such an amazing imagination. And she is also a wonderful person. I enjoyed City of Ghosts but I loved Tunnel of Bones even more. The setting, Paris, is perfect and the ghost story was amazing. I got pretty emotional over this book haha.

3. Don’t Say A Word – Amber Lynn Natusch
5 stars

Amber Lynn Natusch proved herself a high riser on my favorites list! I absolutely loved Dare You to Lie last year and the sequel did not disappoint. It’s been mentioned before but this is a bit of a mix between Veronica Mars and season 1 Riverdale. I adore this series a lot, there’s a ton of suspense, a great mystery and hilarious banter.

2. Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston
5 stars

Who would’ve thought a NA romance type book would make it to my top reads of the year? I definitely didn’t! Turns out, this story about a Prince of England and the First Son of the USA stole my heart. All the feels for this one! I loved all of the characters and the different kind of relationships.

1.Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan
5 stars

My number one read of the year! It was hard, but in the end I picked this dark gothic YA fantasy. I loved this one a lot and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read the sequel yet even though I have an eARC. Let’s say I saved it for 2020 haha. While this one has a lot of trigger warnings, I loved it a lot. The setting was amazing and the ending left me wanting more more more. Hopefully the sequel will make this list next year <3

There were so many amazing 2019 releases! We’re both excited to see what 2020 will bring! What were some of your favorite 2019 releases? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. It really was a great year! Happy to see RWaRB made it to your list as well <3

    1. Nevernight was on our backlist list ?. We haven’t gotten to Godsgrave yet ?

    2. It was on our Backlist books list!! That was a separate list haha, but of course Nevernight made it on that list 😉 how could we not!

    1. Happy to hear your daughter liked it! Hopefully you can read it soon, or at least right before Hunting November comes out 😉

  1. Turn of the Key and Wilder Girls are so high on my TBR (I swear I say this for everything…) and I’m kinda jealous you have already got to them. So glad to see they were enjoyed though!
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